Preparing for Baby

As most of you know, we are in the process of finishing our basement so the two older kids can sleep down there and the new baby can have the nursery down the hall from my room.  
All of our energy and brain power has gone into getting this project finished. My plan was to wait until it was complete to do anything related to the baby, but since I have less than 7 weeks until our little one arrives... I better get started.

I laundered a few clothing items that I know the baby can wear when he/she comes home.  It was difficult because we don't know what IT is, and the weather for this baby is going to be hot as opposed to cool/cold like it was when my other two kids were born.  At least there will be something for me to pull out of the drawer and put on the baby.

I washed and prepared my cloth diapers for the baby.  I still need quite a few more diapers since I will be diapering our baby in cloth pretty much from the beginning.  Newborns go through so many diapers!
I'm hoping I can get a few more before the baby comes.  Until then, I'm loving looking at all the sweetness in the diaper drawer.  They are so stinking soft and comfy feeling.

We have so many friends who are due to have babies within six months after we deliver.  I am trying to get gifts made and ready to go so I don't have to worry about that after baby3 arrives.  One of our friends is going to have a boy in November, so I knit him a hat to wear.  The yarn is soft and cuddly.  Perfect for a new baby. 

I have so much more to do, but for now I'm feeling good with getting those few things accomplished. 
I still have to wash carseat covers, baby swing covers, and a number of other things.  
I will get it done... I just hope I'm not exhausted when the baby decides to arrive.

I can't wait!!!!



  1. oh how exciting!
    sounds like you were really productive.. i don't think i ever had that energy at 33wks with any of my kids lol :)
    that little ha is ADORABLE!

  2. That's so exciting, what a time, there is nothing like waiting in the finals days for the arrival, and then the hospital excitement and all that goes with it. I will never forget it.

    Cute cute hat!!!