Zoo Trip

Over Memorial weekend we hauled it to the Omaha Zoo to check out the exotic animals.  I have been walking about ten miles/week for the last several months and I'm glad I have.  Six hours of straight walking and standing on concrete can really take a toll on a pregger's body.  I can't imagine how I would've felt the next day had I not been walking all this time. 

Ella's favorite animal was the penguin.  She really likes the Happy Feet movie, so I think that contributed to her enjoyment of this exhibit.  They really are cute (and weird) looking creatures.

Liam {loves} gorillas.  Mark often chases the kids around the house "ooo, ooo-ing" like a gorilla as they scream and hide.  Liam was glued to the baby gorilla and its mommy.  Once the gorillas moved, he would say "potty" and get scared.  

I love getting pics of Mark with the kids.  I think with Mark's dad being sick and dying has contributed to that fact.  I want the kids to always have pictures of just them and their daddy.

This was toward the end of our zoo trip.  We were tired and ready to eat by this point, but we still had the cats to go look at.

Zoos are always a fun day trip to take with the family.  It's also good exercise.  



  1. Zoos are so fun! I wish we had one closer! You have a beautiful family :)

  2. It looks like everyone went to the Zoo on Memorial day weekend. We didn't go but I heard the one here was at full capacity. You are looking great Liz!

  3. Your web looks absolutely gorgeous. I was thinking to follow each other. Tell me what you think :X