More in the oven than a baby...

I am trying to get prepared for the arrival of baby #3.  
One of the things I need to get accomplished is all of my baking.
This makes for easy, healthy breakfasts for the family once baby is here.

I completed a few items on my long list of to-dos.

The kids helped me bake:
*banana-nut muffins & bread
*chocolate chocolate-chip muffins & bread
*zucchini bread
*2 loaves of cinnamon swirl bread

I still need to prepare and freeze:
*breakfast burritos
*blueberry muffins
*triple-berry muffins
*monkey bread

I felt really good getting those few things checked off of my list, but boy, oh boy...
I was out of commission for the afternoon.  
I just can't stand on my feet all day long.  My back and hips were super sore.  
It'll be worth it once the baby is here and I have yummy breakfasts to pull out without having to dirty my kitchen.


Pregnancy Collage

My hope with the weekly pregnancy pictures I've been taking
was to make a pregnancy collage so it would be easy to see how my body, and baby,
has progressed through these last nine months.  

I wish I was zoomed in the same amount on each photo, but I think it's still a nice keepsake anyway.

I can't believe how much I've grown in the last few weeks, and I've even grown a ton in this last week.
My babies like to wait until the end and then grow like crazy.
I have a doctor's appt. tomorrow and will get to see how big baby#3 is.  


FuzziBunz {Review}

With baby #3 coming in a few short weeks, I am having to build my cloth diaper stash to accommodate all the newborn potty action I'm about to experience.  Seriously, you change a diaper and they go right after you get their clothes snapped.  I contacted FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers to see if they would allow me to do a review on one of their Elite One-Size diapers.

They were gracious enough to send me a diaper in a neutral shade so I could review it on baby #3.  
I have heard so many great things about FuzziBunz brand diapers and I am super excited to test them out.

My initial impression of the diaper:
*The snaps are very durable
*The minky inserts are crazy soft!
*The fleece lining that will rest on my baby's bum all day is very soft and comfy.
*The diaper is trim and petite, but allows me to change the sizing according to my baby's growing needs.
*It seems very durable.

With each diaper comes: 
1 diaper cover
2 minky inserts
1 elastic replacement (which I probably won't need for several years, if at all)


These diapers retail for $19.95.  You can buy FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers directly from their site. 
I can't wait to try it on my little baby's bum and report back to y'all.
Go check these diapers out for yourself until then.  They have a great deal going on right now


Baby Update {36 weeks}

I am so ready to meet this little one. 
We are now at the 36 week mark, which means I have 3 weeks, or less, to go until we have our 
sweet baby.

I am growing, and growing, and growing. 
I feel huge and am beginning to need some relief on my 5'2 frame.  
We have a doctors appt and ultrasound this Thursday, so I am excited to see my little one.


*I have gained 12 pounds (as of last week's appt.) so far.  I'm sure I've gained another pound, or so, since then.
*The baby is measuring right on with its gestational age.
*Braxton Hicks out the wa-zoo!
*Sleep... ummm, let's not even discuss sleep.  I get to this point and I think, "I am not sleeping.  I wish I at least had a baby to hold while awake all night long."
*I had a lovely case of PUPPs rash for a few weeks.  They say of the pregnant women who get that rash, 70% end up having a boy.
*Diabetes is getting very difficult to control.  I'm dreaming about all my yummy "after preggo" carbs. 
*Still dealing with restless leg syndrome in the evenings


That's about all for now.  Like I said, I'm growing and hoping that I can squeeze into my clothes for a couple more weeks.  


Homemaking in the Making

 I really think it's important to give kids jobs when they are little.  Ella loves helping me with all sorts of little chores.  One of her jobs is to help me unload the dishwasher.  She doesn't do it all the time, but when I need help... she is there to help.

Other odd jobs she helps with is:
*putting her clothes in her drawer
*making her bed every morning
*after I sort clothes putting hers into the washing machine
*always picking up toys

Those are just a few things that I think a 4 year old is capable of doing in order to help around the house.  
She actually loves being mommy's helper.