Baby Update {36 weeks}

I am so ready to meet this little one. 
We are now at the 36 week mark, which means I have 3 weeks, or less, to go until we have our 
sweet baby.

I am growing, and growing, and growing. 
I feel huge and am beginning to need some relief on my 5'2 frame.  
We have a doctors appt and ultrasound this Thursday, so I am excited to see my little one.


*I have gained 12 pounds (as of last week's appt.) so far.  I'm sure I've gained another pound, or so, since then.
*The baby is measuring right on with its gestational age.
*Braxton Hicks out the wa-zoo!
*Sleep... ummm, let's not even discuss sleep.  I get to this point and I think, "I am not sleeping.  I wish I at least had a baby to hold while awake all night long."
*I had a lovely case of PUPPs rash for a few weeks.  They say of the pregnant women who get that rash, 70% end up having a boy.
*Diabetes is getting very difficult to control.  I'm dreaming about all my yummy "after preggo" carbs. 
*Still dealing with restless leg syndrome in the evenings


That's about all for now.  Like I said, I'm growing and hoping that I can squeeze into my clothes for a couple more weeks.  



  1. Won't be long now! I know those last few week are so very tiresome. Praying for you friend!

  2. You look great, Liz! Definitely praying for a safe and happy delivery, with some carbs waiting on Momma post-delivery :)