More in the oven than a baby...

I am trying to get prepared for the arrival of baby #3.  
One of the things I need to get accomplished is all of my baking.
This makes for easy, healthy breakfasts for the family once baby is here.

I completed a few items on my long list of to-dos.

The kids helped me bake:
*banana-nut muffins & bread
*chocolate chocolate-chip muffins & bread
*zucchini bread
*2 loaves of cinnamon swirl bread

I still need to prepare and freeze:
*breakfast burritos
*blueberry muffins
*triple-berry muffins
*monkey bread

I felt really good getting those few things checked off of my list, but boy, oh boy...
I was out of commission for the afternoon.  
I just can't stand on my feet all day long.  My back and hips were super sore.  
It'll be worth it once the baby is here and I have yummy breakfasts to pull out without having to dirty my kitchen.



  1. I love the title of this post! glad you are baking and not just the baby! haha!


  2. Ok this might be a total blonde comment or maybe it's just because I don't spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but when you say you prepare things and freeze them does that mean you bake/cook things fully then freeze once they cool down?

  3. Breads seem to be the easiest, most healthy satisfying thing one can eat all around;)

  4. Just found your blog---super cute and how exciting that baby #3 is almost here!!!!! Can't wait to read more---I'm a Midwestern girl too (who is transplanted to the East Coast), love seeing other ones:)