Birth Story- Guinnyth Anne

I arrived at the hospital still not completely sold on whether I wanted a medicine-free birth, or not.  I had an epidural with Ella and had opted to go al-natural with Liam.  Both were great and intense in their own way.  

I seem to handle contractions fairly well.  I get inside myself and let the pain just do it's "thing" and then I rest and prepare for the next contraction.  With both Liam and Guinnyth I walked and moved every chance I got.  
Since I was induced, the contractions were very strong and came right on top of one another.  If I weren't able to move through the contractions, I'm pretty sure I would have had to have an epidural.  

I spent the first several hours trying to rest since the contractions weren't very strong.  Once they intensified, I began to move and let gravity help me out.  

Around noon the doctor came in and broke my water.  I have never leaked that much EVER!  It just kept coming and the nurses were even shocked.  You could literally see my belly deflate.  It was the craziest thing ever.  I was so excited to meet my baby and once the water was gone, the contractions really came on.

I walked the halls and sat on a birthing ball (highly recommend).  I laid my head on the edge of the bed and rolled my hips on the ball in order to work through the later contractions.  I am someone who labors solo.  Mark always wants to help me, but I just have to be in the zone.  I can't get there with people touching me, talking to me, and manipulating me.  I have to be in my own mind and focus.  

I got checked when I was about an 8.  I knew that I was too far gone to get the epidural, so I had to mentally prepare for what was to come.  I thought that it wouldn't be as intense since I had experienced it all with Liam, but I was very wrong.  

I felt the same crazy urge to push that is nothing I have ever felt before.  Not only is the physical situation intense, but the mental and emotional situation as well.  When I am at the point of no return I feel a fear and just want to turn back and get the epidural.  It is a helpless feeling.  Knowing that that wasn't an option, I decided to push like crazy and get the kid out asap!

I know I didn't push long because I was pretty much non-stop until she was out.  
It is such a relief... to have her in my arms and know that the rest is pure bliss.  
 (Don't you just love how they pump you full of fluids so that you look bloated, puffy-eyed, and double-chinned in all the first pictures you have with your baby???)

I looked down because no one had told me what she was.  I looked at Mark and said, "It's a girl... and she's tiny!!"  I'm used to my 8-9 lb babies.  Where did this little lady come from??  

She is pure perfection and more than I could have asked for.  We have been blessed with our three blessings and love how God created them to be so unique and special.  Guinnyth just adds to our family, making us even more grateful for God's plan for our family.  

An interesting tid-bit...
Guinnyth had somehow woven her cord into a perfect, tight knot.  It was so neat to see the umbilical cord knotted (wish we had a picture).  The nurse said that they call those "lucky" knots because those that are born with them are lucky to have made it.  We feel lucky to have our little Guinnyth.

Another tid-bit...
Guinnyth is named after her Grandpa Tommy.  His middle name is Guinn.  We decided to honor him with our little girl's name.  We love it!



  1. what an amazing story! i loved reading it. thank you for sharing it! your new little girl is so beautiful, congrats to your family!

  2. Chills!!! Babies make me so emotional and Im yet to become a mother. You are one brave woman going through that with no epidural and just wanting to get through contractions alone. Congratulations on becoming a mommy of 3!!! :)

  3. Love this! Praise God she is here and well!! I'm so happy for you:)

  4. Congratulations on your little blessing!!

  5. Wow, loved your story. I'm not a mama yet, but I totally feel like I'm going to want to labor solo too when the time comes. Congrats!

  6. So sweet and what a lovely mommy you are! This post made me realize I'm 4 months late in writing my birth story! Ikes better get on it! I'm now following through GFC blog hop.

  7. Congrats guys!!!! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Our little gals are 1 month & 1 day apart... we'll have to get them together sometime :o) Blessings, Denise

  8. Congrats! My first daughter's cord was tied in a knot as well! It was so crazy to hear that and see it - all after she was born! It's neat to hear you had that same experience!

  9. She is BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations! I am so glad to hear that Guinnyth entered into this world safely! What a beautiful birth story!