Random Family Time

We have all been working on getting adjusted to life with precious Guinnyth.  
I rarely put the little bundle down, unless the other "mother" in the house insists on holding her and spoiling her herself.  
Ella is a perfect second mommy to Guinnyth.

Guinnyth is spending most of her time resting and recouping from a rough "journey."
She nurses pretty well most of the time and I am really enjoying the whole process with her. 
We had a rough first night, but since then it has went fairly well.  She nurses and goes back to sleep.  I am anxious to see how much weight she gains by her two-week appointment.  

Like I said, I am holding her every chance I get.  With Ella I was that mom that didn't want her to become dependent on me to be content and to sleep.  Ummm... I'm breaking that rule this time.  I'll deal with the repercussions later.  Seriously, who wouldn't want to snuggle that little cutie?



  1. She is darling Liz. Congratulations!

  2. They all are just adorable! Congratulations! Thanks for linking this post to the Mommy Brain Mixer!

  3. Adorable pictures! Congrats.

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    Jessica @ At Home Take 2

  4. So precious! So glad you linked up to the Mixer, friend. I hope to see you again on Thursday!