Pretzel-Crusted Chicken and Apples

The other night I made this Pretzel-Crusted Chicken with baked apples... Yum!

I loved the the crunch that the pretzels gave the dish and it was super easy to throw together.
I always look for easy dishes that the kids will love and that use ingredients I have on hand.
This one had all of those characteristics and I'm glad I tried it.

5 Chicken breasts
2 cups finely processed Pretzels
1tsp garlic powder
1/4 tsp pepper
1 cup milk
2 eggs
1 1/2 c flour

I "beat" my chicken with a mallet to make it tender.
Then, I dipped it into the *flour, garlic powder, pepper* mixture.
I went from the flour to the *milk and egg* mixture.
Put the chicken in the *pretzels* and coat it generously.

I had a skillet on medium heat with some EVOO warming up and ready for the chicken.
Cook the chicken for 4-6 minutes on each side, or until no longer pink and the juices run clear. 

I hope you enjoy this yummy supper!


Guinnyth's Nursery Wall Collage

If you look at my pinterest you will see my inspiration for most of what is below.  
As I said before, I wanted to keep this nursery project cheap, but cute.  I bought the frames at Goodwill and painted them with paint that I had on hand.  

The giraffe was made from fabric that was used in the Giraffe Canvas.

I printed this using the MyMemories Suite that I had the chance to review.  

Here is the adorable mobile that I posted about here.

I also hung a lot of hoop art because:
a. it's cheap
b. it's easy
c. it adds color to the room :)

I realize the collage is a little lop-sided, but I'm totally not finished.  I still need to fill in some holes and add something to the right.  But, I haven't found the perfect 'things' to make my masterpiece complete.
For now I think it will do...


A New "Me"

I have had long hair for quite some time now.  I have also wanted to cut it for awhile, too.  I told myself that I had to wait until after the baby was born and we had our newborn and maternity pictures taken.  Well, those pictures are over, and I made a serious change to my "look."

I feel like I put a lot of stock in my hair.  I get so many compliments on how "pretty" it is and people tell me all the time they wish that their hair was like mine.  I agree, it is pretty (when I fix it), but I felt like I was becoming vain where my hair was concerned.  Not only was I cutting my hair because I wanted to, but because I needed to in order to show myself that it's what is on the inside that matters (so cliche, huh?).  
I also have two daughters and wouldn't want them thinking that hair is too important that they can't cut it.  I have to say that my haircut is still shocking to me, but it is growing on me and Mark loves the new look.

Let's take a look at the BEFORE:

And, now for the AFTER:

When I said that I was going to cut it... I really meant it!
A whole 12 inches was donated to Locks-of-love.
I then had probably about another 3 inches cut to shape it up.

I can say that I'm still in shock a little bit when I look in the mirror.  I also keep thinking my hair is in a ponytail until I feel it and I realize my hair was severely amputated!  :)

It will be fun to mess with and change as I grow it out.  


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Baby Girl likes to be swaddled.  She kept busting out of her swaddle at night and I was so tired that I really didn't want to have to mess with re-swaddling her, so I decided to try the SwaddleMe from Target. 

So far, it seems to be working pretty well.  The velcro allows me to make it really tight and snug so she feels secure and doesn't startle herself awake.  

...sweet baby...


Pre-K {Day 1}

We started our day with pancakes with pink sprinkles and some lovey time with daddy.
Then, we hit the books.  

Ella began with writing her full name, which we have been working on all summer and she's got it down pat.
I always begin with her name writing first to get her in the swing of school and to give me time to get Liam settled with his work.  
Liam did his "loop-d-loop" pages where he makes... loop-d-loops.  Duh!

I bought a planner in the dollar section at Target last fall.  I know it seems silly, but I'm someone who needs to have things mapped out.  I make lists and schedules for my daily life often.  It's just the way my brain works. 

Instead of having the TV on during the day, I put on the Christian channel and we listen to praise and worship while we play and learn. 

Ella loves cutting and I found a nice workbook that has a lot of different patterns for her to practice on. 

Liam building a pattern... 

Magnetic puzzle... 

We also did Bible reading and memory verses as well as a few other learning "things."  
I feel like those were the high points. 


1st Day of Pre-K!

It's official... Ella started Preschool today!  
So exciting and sad at the same time (but, mostly exciting!).

more on our school day tomorrow!


Life as we know it...

Mommy:  "Okay kids... time to wind down and get ready to go to bed."  
In walks daddy... this is what follows:

Thank you fathers of the world, for making it so much harder to get our kids to go to sleep. :)

I'm glad they have a daddy that can throw them like this.  I only wish he could throw me like that... it looks like a lot of fun!


Strawberry Pie

I love strawberries!  When I was pregnant and couldn't consume carbohydrates I got the pleasure of watching my husband devour a delicious piece of strawberry pie at a church pot luck.  I was sad... and salivating, but not consuming.

So, when I had Guinnyth our friend made me my very own strawberry pie.  
This time... I consumed- at least half of the pie! No lie.

I then asked for the recipe and made the pie for a family lunch a few weeks later.  It was delicious.
I thought I'd share pictures with y'all so you could salivate as well.



FuzziBunz Review

I wrote in an earlier post that I was generously given a FuzziBunz cloth diaper to review and share with y'all. 
Well, baby 3 finally arrived and she has been sporting this soft, petite diaper.
Guinnyth is fairly small and doesn't have a lot of chub compared to my other two babies.  

I love that these diapers come with leg and waist adjustments, sort of like the adjustable waistbands in toddler pants.  It allowed me to customize the size for Guinnyth.

The diapers fit snug and I have had no trouble with them leaking.  The soft fleece is comfortable on her little bum (she told me so just the other day) and not at all crunchy, scratchy like disposables.  

Overall, I am very impressed with the diaper and look forward to purchasing more for her... in pink!

These diapers retail for $19.95.  You can buy FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers directly from their site. 
I can't wait to buy a few more for my stash.
Go check these diapers out for yourself.


Fall Festival 2012

The Fall Festival is a yearly tradition where the neighboring towns come and join in on the festivities.  There are carnival rides, funnel cakes, ranch burgers, talent shows, baby shows and more!  

Guinnyth was 3 weeks during the fall festival.  She slept through the entire baby show and got second in her class, birth through 3 months.  

And, then there is this fella.  How could a panel of judges resist this adorable face?
Well, they couldn't... he got first in his class, 2 year old boys.  There were quite a few of them in this group.

I'm always so proud of Ella during the baby show.  I couldn't care less who thinks my kids are the cutest, I just want them to behave and be good examples.  Isabella is always well-behaved during the baby show and this year she got the "Little Lady" award.  She sat so pretty and had a good attitude while on stage.

We enjoyed the food, rides, and parades as well.  It is always fun to see the festival roll in, and a joy to see it roll out!


Guinnyth's Newborn Shoot

Here are just two of the many wonderful pictures of our sweet Guinnyth.  
She was only 4 days old in these pictures.  I think she looks like her sister in the pictures, but people who see her in person say she looks like her big brother.

It is worth the waiting, aching, carb deprivation, and sleepless nights to be blessed with such a sweet baby.
We are in love.


Schoolin' my Duo

All my closest peeps know that Mark and I plan on homeschooling Ella this year.  I did some school with her last year and continued this summer so I could take a month off after the baby arrived.  
It is a decision that was met with a great deal of prayer and we feel solid in our decision to homeschool Ella. We fully intend on taking this process year by year and are excited to see where God leads us. 

I have some things set aside for Liam to do while Ella and I work on her phonics and math curriculum.  
We decided to use Abeka phonics and math this year.  I had a friend highly recommend it, and to be honest, I was pretty overwhelmed by all the choices that I just took her word for it.
26484   47333

So far it has worked out really well and I think it is a good fit for Ella. 
She is really excited about having her own workbooks to write in.  


I also have quite a few hands-on learning activities that we will do and incorporate her brother as well.
I think he will learn so much just from watching her learn... good stuff! :)
We used Confessions of a Homeschooler's curriculum last year for Ella and I will use it again alongside her Abeka curriculum.

 Liam is old enough now to know his colors and a few numbers.  
He is also very good at puzzles and loves to work with those.  

Although I don't like to do a lot of tracing, I know it is important for Ella to learn to write correctly and write well.
I really like these tracing pages that are worked around the Bible.  It allows us to talk about the Bible while learning the correct way to write letters.
She loves to color the letters and picture at the top.  We will officially start Pre-K next week and I will put her tracing pages in an ABC notebook for her.  


I have a few other things lined out for her as far as school goes, such as memory verses, Bible reading, sight word work, pen pal letter writing, etc.
I just hope that I can make it all work while nursing my baby, cooking for my crew, cleaning the home, and laundering our clothes.  Things might not be tip-top around here for awhile, but I have to remember that God has called me to educate Ella at home... at least for this year.

What great resources do you use with your kiddos??