Fall Festival 2012

The Fall Festival is a yearly tradition where the neighboring towns come and join in on the festivities.  There are carnival rides, funnel cakes, ranch burgers, talent shows, baby shows and more!  

Guinnyth was 3 weeks during the fall festival.  She slept through the entire baby show and got second in her class, birth through 3 months.  

And, then there is this fella.  How could a panel of judges resist this adorable face?
Well, they couldn't... he got first in his class, 2 year old boys.  There were quite a few of them in this group.

I'm always so proud of Ella during the baby show.  I couldn't care less who thinks my kids are the cutest, I just want them to behave and be good examples.  Isabella is always well-behaved during the baby show and this year she got the "Little Lady" award.  She sat so pretty and had a good attitude while on stage.

We enjoyed the food, rides, and parades as well.  It is always fun to see the festival roll in, and a joy to see it roll out!


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