FuzziBunz Review

I wrote in an earlier post that I was generously given a FuzziBunz cloth diaper to review and share with y'all. 
Well, baby 3 finally arrived and she has been sporting this soft, petite diaper.
Guinnyth is fairly small and doesn't have a lot of chub compared to my other two babies.  

I love that these diapers come with leg and waist adjustments, sort of like the adjustable waistbands in toddler pants.  It allowed me to customize the size for Guinnyth.

The diapers fit snug and I have had no trouble with them leaking.  The soft fleece is comfortable on her little bum (she told me so just the other day) and not at all crunchy, scratchy like disposables.  

Overall, I am very impressed with the diaper and look forward to purchasing more for her... in pink!

These diapers retail for $19.95.  You can buy FuzziBunz Cloth Diapers directly from their site. 
I can't wait to buy a few more for my stash.
Go check these diapers out for yourself.


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