Maternity Memories

I have yet to post about my maternity photo session with my favorite photographer, Creative Memories by Shayla.   Shayla is so easy to work with and always does a great job capturing in photos what I see in my mind.  We waited until I was 38 weeks pregnant to do the shoot.  I know most people do theirs around 35 weeks, but I grow so much those last weeks and I wanted to be further along for the pics.

We took pics with the kids and a few of just Mark and myself, but I decided not to blog those pictures.  
I always drag my feet about maternity pics, but I always think that if the baby is a girl she will want to see me when I'm pregnant with her.  I'm so glad we did this shoot because I would have been heartbroken for Guinnyth if she was the only baby without pics of her mommy preggers with her.  


  1. Nice photos. Congratulations and have a good delivery.

  2. wait, hold on a sec.. you're 38 weeks in these pictures?
    holy smokes you look awesome!
    girl, i'm 23 weeks and i look like i'm at the end of my pg lol :)
    i'm so glad you took pictures... your daughter will love them.
    you look gorgeous. xoxo