Pre-K {Day 1}

We started our day with pancakes with pink sprinkles and some lovey time with daddy.
Then, we hit the books.  

Ella began with writing her full name, which we have been working on all summer and she's got it down pat.
I always begin with her name writing first to get her in the swing of school and to give me time to get Liam settled with his work.  
Liam did his "loop-d-loop" pages where he makes... loop-d-loops.  Duh!

I bought a planner in the dollar section at Target last fall.  I know it seems silly, but I'm someone who needs to have things mapped out.  I make lists and schedules for my daily life often.  It's just the way my brain works. 

Instead of having the TV on during the day, I put on the Christian channel and we listen to praise and worship while we play and learn. 

Ella loves cutting and I found a nice workbook that has a lot of different patterns for her to practice on. 

Liam building a pattern... 

Magnetic puzzle... 

We also did Bible reading and memory verses as well as a few other learning "things."  
I feel like those were the high points.