Schoolin' my Duo

All my closest peeps know that Mark and I plan on homeschooling Ella this year.  I did some school with her last year and continued this summer so I could take a month off after the baby arrived.  
It is a decision that was met with a great deal of prayer and we feel solid in our decision to homeschool Ella. We fully intend on taking this process year by year and are excited to see where God leads us. 

I have some things set aside for Liam to do while Ella and I work on her phonics and math curriculum.  
We decided to use Abeka phonics and math this year.  I had a friend highly recommend it, and to be honest, I was pretty overwhelmed by all the choices that I just took her word for it.
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So far it has worked out really well and I think it is a good fit for Ella. 
She is really excited about having her own workbooks to write in.  


I also have quite a few hands-on learning activities that we will do and incorporate her brother as well.
I think he will learn so much just from watching her learn... good stuff! :)
We used Confessions of a Homeschooler's curriculum last year for Ella and I will use it again alongside her Abeka curriculum.

 Liam is old enough now to know his colors and a few numbers.  
He is also very good at puzzles and loves to work with those.  

Although I don't like to do a lot of tracing, I know it is important for Ella to learn to write correctly and write well.
I really like these tracing pages that are worked around the Bible.  It allows us to talk about the Bible while learning the correct way to write letters.
She loves to color the letters and picture at the top.  We will officially start Pre-K next week and I will put her tracing pages in an ABC notebook for her.  


I have a few other things lined out for her as far as school goes, such as memory verses, Bible reading, sight word work, pen pal letter writing, etc.
I just hope that I can make it all work while nursing my baby, cooking for my crew, cleaning the home, and laundering our clothes.  Things might not be tip-top around here for awhile, but I have to remember that God has called me to educate Ella at home... at least for this year.

What great resources do you use with your kiddos??


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  1. How old is your little girl? Mine will be two next month so we still have some time to decide about schooling, but when did you start with her?