Guinnyth- 2 months

I don't have very many pictures of Guinnyth and me, much less any good ones.  
Ella was my photographer on the two below.

I can't believe how much my little one has grown.  She already weighs 11 lbs 12 oz and is growing like crazy.  That is quite a weight gain considering she started out at 6 lbs. 14 oz.  

She loves her sister and brother.  She smiles at them the most.  Ella will talk to her and she will literally just smile at her the whole time.  I never experienced that with Ella and Liam.  Ella was too young to care much, but this time is different.  I hope they grow to love each other... even when Guinnyth smothers Ella and irritates her.

Guinnyth has been difficult to photograph.  When I think I have a good shot, she turns and the picture is blurry.  She really is a doll... the pictures don't do her justice. 

I know the time will continue to speed by.  Mark now has a new job.  Homeschool for Ella is in full force.  Liam is as active as ever.  And, Guinnyth continues to wrap me around her precious finger.  

It's a good life I have here...



  1. It sure is! What a blessing. She is just precious!

  2. So cute!! She is a doll! I like your hair too!