Homeschool {Octonaut Style}

Does anyone know what the Octonauts are?  I mean seriously... I think Ella is the only kiddo obsessed with all the Octo-characters.  She is even going to be Tweak for Halloween- there will be a lot of confused people because no one will know who she is.  Oh well... that's what she wanted to be.

I thought we'd take a little break from our Abeka curriculum and do something fun this week.  I found an Octonaut pack from 1plus1plus1equals1 blog.  We've been hitting the books pretty hard and I thought a break would be a nice change.

I made and laminated some sheets so we could work on her teens, twenties, thirties, and forties (okay, so that wasn't Octonaut related).  We reviewed her numbers and then I would say a number and have her circle  it.  She thought this was fun since she got to work with dry erase markers.  I guess it's the little things...

We worked on fractions with the Octonauts.

We got more familiar with money with the Octonauts. 

We also worked with letters, did some addition, read an Octonaut book, and practiced phonics.

It was a fun, but busy week.  We packed it full of Octo-work and next week will be back to our regular ol' schedule.  


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  1. Your girl is so stinkin' cute. She reminds me of my baby...who is now 7 years old. Please consider adding this post to the home school resource website, "Look What We Did." And as far as the octonauts are concerned...whatever it takes them to learn...go for it! -Savannah