I am beginning to realize...

...that sleep is a hot commodity these days.

Three kids simply doesn't afford me much time to catch some "Zs".  We are having trouble keeping Liam in his bed.  He comes up several times a night and we take him back down to his room.
Occasionally, Ella gets herself worked up and scared and can't sleep, thus ending up in our bed for the night.
And, then there's Guinnyth.  She's doing wonderful, but still wakes to feed during the night.  

I try to rest during the afternoon, but that usually doesn't happen.  I finally get the kids tucked in and Guinnyth usually wants my attention.  I am managing fine, but I have to keep my mind focused on not being selfish. 

It's easy to be selfish when it comes to sleep.
"Mommy needs her rest, too!"

How do I balance what I need for myself and what my kids need?  
It's such a delicate balance and seemingly hard to manage.

I don't want to wish these days away.  I realize, as a mommy of three, that these days truly do just disappear in a blink of an eye.  I am working on not putting so much stock in getting a full night's rest.  I will someday sleep through the night consistently and find myself waking to my own clock instead of waking to a sweet face staring at me over my covers.  I know I will, at that point, probably tear up at the thought of waking to those sweet faces again.  

It's hard to keep things in perspective.  Being sleep deprived is no fun, but wasting precious time thinking about it instead of cherishing every moment with my little ones is not something I'm willing to do.

Just a little bit of what's been on my heart...



  1. I love this! Sleep is so over rated and it seems like as moms our bodies get used to living on less! I hope that you do get a little period of relaxation every day though.

  2. Oh, isn't this the truth! We really do need to keep the right perspective...our little ones are not little long! I'm getting ready to celebrate my oldest's 13th birthday---how can this be? She's got a baby sister, 7 kids down the line, that reminds me so much of how she was. It's hard sometimes not to think I'm actually watching HER first steps again... Thanks for the encouragement!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller