Pre-School First Day Fun

Ella's first day of pre-school was packed with tons of fun.  
To begin, we had breakfast and did school.  The kids played at home and then we took out for a family picnic at the wildlife refuge.

The kids enjoyed special treats that they don't get to indulge in on a regular basis...
chips and oreos!

As you can see... the oreos were a hit!

Even Guinnyth enjoyed herself.  She was a perfect little lady while we had our picnic.

Afterwards we went to a nearby park and played before going on a combine ride in the field.
It was so much fun and I wish every day was like this one. 
Mark left the next day for elk hunting in Colorado.
He was gone for 8 days and we missed him terribly.
He's back now and life is normal.
mmmm... I love normal!


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