Pumpkin Patch

I assume everyone goes to the pumpkin patch with their kids.  We do it every year and the kids always look forward to going.  I have to admit, I even look forward to going and taking in all the fall loveliness. 

At this stage... it's hard to get a pic of Guinnyth outside of her car seat.  
When she's sleeping, we don't wake her- even for a photo op.

Llama, Llama, red pajama  
The kids love that book, but thought this llama needed some serious bathing action.

We came away with two pie sized pumpkins for the kids to paint and a large pumpkin for Mark to carve later this month.  Oh, and some apple cider... can't forget the apple cider.

Happy Pumpkin Patching...

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  1. Your family is so cute! I'm loving fall, pumpkin patches included!