Wonderful Fall Weekend

We had a great and fun-filled weekend. On Saturday Mark worked like crazy outside in the beautiful weather.  He mowed, got supplies for our campfire (on Sunday), power washed the grill (umm... long over due!), and took Liam on a tractor ride.

The older kids spent Saturday morning at my mom and dad's watching an excavator dig out a tree.  
They think that is stuff is super fun and I wasn't complaining- taking care of one child is much easier than three.  When they got home they spent the rest of the afternoon napping and then it was outside for the evening.

Guinnyth and I worked inside cleaning, washing cloth diapers (see my little helper snapping the diapers?), cooking, and power washing the porch (she napped while I washed).

Guinnyth and I made ham and cheese muffins for lunch.  They are quick, easy, cheap, and yummy!  
Recipe coming later this week...

Sunday began with a church potluck and then it was prep time for the campfire with friends.
Some of our homeschool friends came over to play and cook smores.  
Ella and Liam had so much fun and want to do it again soon.

The weather was amazing.  It was the perfect temperature and there was hardly any wind to ruin our fire.  

(as usual... liam couldn't wait to roast the marshmallows... he was chowing down while supervising)

It was quite possibly the perfect weekend.  We were all productive.  We were outside enjoying the beautiful weather for most of the day/evening.  The fresh air helped us all to sleep great.  


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  1. Looks like the perfect Fall weekend! :) Hope you all are doing well... And your little diaper helper is just precious!