Guinnyth {3 months}

One way we try to save money is by me doing the Milestone Photos of our kids. 
I know they don't always turn out the way I want them to, but it's just not in the budget to get photos taken all the time.  

Guinnyth is now a big 3 month old.  I took several pictures... and obviously, I need more practice.  
I have trouble getting the picture super sharp, yet still having the shutter open long enough to get the light I want.

I prefer simple pictures without a lot of props and background "sound" going on, but the quilt in the next pictures was made by my Nene.  She was amazing with the needle and I feel ridiculously blessed to have this crazy quilt.  The cradle is from my aunt who used to use it for her dollies when she was a little girl.

Oh how my baby is growing up...
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