InstaFriday {Instagram}

This was what was up with Instagram this week...

I voted- proudly.  I can't say how grateful I am to those who led the way. 
 I hope I never take this privilege for granted.

I made the kids oatmeal this week.  I sauteed apples and raisins in a tad of butter and mixed it in the oatmeal with some agave nectar.

I wore a hat for the first time since cutting all my hair off.

My Lisa Leonard necklace came in the mail with Guinnyth's name added!!!

I did quite a bit of baking this week and had a huge mess to clean up afterwards.  The nice thing is my freezer is stocked with yummy carbs. 


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  1. I didn't know you were on instagram! I'll follow along. I love that place, great pictures!!

  2. loved your IG pictures!! i didn't know you were on IG either (but i'm not very
    IG-savvy) -- gonna look you up as well!
    and i really need to try the apples with the oatmeal.. you're the 2nd person
    that's mentioned it so it must be pretty tasty!
    ok, your hair is just beyond adorable! love love it!

  3. cute pix! love the Lisa Leonard necklace!