Master Bedroom {Bedding}

I love the rustic, shabby chic rooms that I see all over the blog-o-sphere.  I have wanted some white, shabby  bedding for a long time now.  I decided I would bite the bullet and try it out.  I was disappointed with the results.  
Here is my bed before with my brown, green, and blue.

Here it is with the white bedding:

I think the bedding is too bright for the paint color.  Maybe it's just too fluffy.  I don't know... I can't figure out why it just isn't right.  I think that maybe a flat quilt will work better.  But, who knows... maybe I need a lighter paint color.  

What do you think???



  1. I love it! It really brightens up the room. You might be right though, maybe time to change the room's paint color to match the style you're going for. :)

  2. Oh, I hate when that happens. =(
    I know what you mean. I think it might look better if you changed up the pillows. Maybe get some lighter blue ones to match the light blue in the rug?
    I agree, I think a flat quilt may look better.
    A softer, slightly brighter yellow on the walls may actually work, too.
    All in all, your room still looks cozy!
    I like the all-white bedding!

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  3. Hi Liz,

    I like the bedding, I think the comforter is beautiful but I think there might be a little too much brown (wall color, lampshades and furniture).You maybe able to get away with it if you change the shades to a lighter color and possibly add some kind of cloth on the side tables to lighten them up. If not, you may wanna think about dying the bedding in a tea bath. That way you can have them lighter but they'll be softer. There's REALLY so much you can do. I was just thinking of ideas so that you wouldn't have to paint your room. That can be a pain. Here's a link to my bedroom. I used white bedding. It MAY help. I just posted it : )
    Good luck and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving ~

  4. That's funny. I sent for the same bedding and am not sure I like it in my room either. I like it in your room, but would lighten the pillows and use white lamp shades and maybe some light wall art above the bed. I love the wall color, though, but I think you're seeing too much brown. I'm heading toward a medium gray in my bedroom and will try the bedding again! Good Luck.

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