Sister, Sister

I have so many people tell me that Guinnyth looks just like Liam.  Hardly anyone tells me that she looks like Ella.  I keep thinking that it's because no one in the town we are living in saw Ella as a baby, but they all saw Liam as a baby.  I can see resemblance between Guinnyth and Liam, but I see Ella so much more in her.  

To prove to myself that I'm not going crazy, I did a side-by-side of the two.  The baby without hair is Guinnyth.  Ella is the babe with a head of black tresses.  Imagine Guinnyth with a lot of hair... can you see the resemblance???
                                                Guinnyth                  Isabella


Am I crazy??? Or, can you see the resemblance, too???


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