We have had a great week filled with family time and snow!!!  The kids got to put on their snow gear and roll around in the fluffy stuff.  Mark, of course, took them out.  Guinnyth and I watched from the dining room window- nice and warm.
I spent some time writing our Christmas thank yous.

We had the flu hit our house again.  This time it was quick and only hit Ella- thank goodness!

What is a girl to do when she doesn't want to fix her hair?  Cover it up with a slouch hat, of course!
We loaded up and met Mark's brother's family at Cabela's.  We also had a yummy lunch at Famous Dave's and then went to Dave & Buster's arcade. 

This would be the lovely artwork of my stinker son, Liam.  Orange marker all over my sisal rug. 

This is who I hung out with to bring in the new year.  Except, we were both asleep come midnight.  
Anyhoo, it's a pretty cute face if I do say so myself.

Liam loves farm equipment and heavy machinery, so he cons his dad into finding videos on YouTube so he can see them in action.  Total boy... except when he is dressed in his sister's Tinkerbell clothes. 

I am still adding to Guinnyth's nursery collage little-by-little.  This week I added a plate that she got for Christmas.  It looks so nice and fits right in.  

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Have a great weekend!!!


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