Floor Pouf

This floor pouf is ridiculously adorable.  It is perfect for photo sessions of little ones... Guinnyth is 6 1/2 months old and it still works great for her.  It would add a splash of flavor to a little girl's room or a chic livingroom.  Go on... drool. ;)

message me for inquiries!!!
Updated:  SOLD!!! :)



I know I have two other children {who I love so very much}, but I have to make sure I have ample photographs of my little SugarPlum to put in her book.

Ahhh... yes, the floor poufs- they are coming along.  Here are a few that I had for orders this week.  
So pretty!!!
Message me for info...

I have been experimenting with my hair lately.  I let it go curly the other day...    

Baby G and I got to go run errands alone yesterday.  It was easy, quiet, and quick- going out with one, instead of three is quite the contrast.  
If you are about to have a baby, or recently gave birth to a little nugget- get a baby wrap!!!!  I have worn my last two babies and so many times I think how easier life would have been had I had my wrap with my first.  They love it and it really gives you some nice "hold" time with your babe.  Mine is a LoveDuds brand (highly recommend). 


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Get Well

A few weeks ago we had a friend that went in for some tests because she wasn't feeling well.  
We sent her a card and Ella wrote the sweetest thing.  

I guess I think it's so sweet since she wrote it all by herself.  I was getting lunch made and came back to find this little note.   I giggled when I saw the lines over the vowels indicating that they were making a "long vowel" sound.  So proud of my little girl.... she is growing up so fast.

Make sure to take some time to write someone you know a note.  With all the technology out there these days, the act of actually putting pen to paper has somewhat been lost.  It really does mean a lot for someone to get a handwritten note.  So, go on... go write someone a sweet word, or two.


Pinterest {Preparing for Photos}

 Back when our Buddy Boy was born, we decided that I would take the pics of our kiddos instead of doing the professional thing.  We still take family pictures with our fave photographer, but I take the kid's pictures.  

I am trying to gear up for Guinnyth's 6 month shoot- What?!?!?!  She's almost 6 months!  Good heavens!
I have pinned several great options and look forward to making some of them work... we shall see. ;)

Love! Baby photo shoots!
source unknown

Baby photo ideas

Pro hints on creating one-of-a-kind baby and kids photos!

newborn/family photos

Those are just a few of the ones I really like.  Some will for sure have to be tweaked to fit Guinnyth and the age she is right now.  Check out my pinboard!!!


Paisley ~or~ Polkadots {Floor Pouf}

Since I have had some interest in floor poufs, I thought I would post about my pricing.  
Please be aware that I don't have very many made, so right now I am pretty much doing custom orders and shipping covers only.  Customers can fill them upon arrival and will reap the benefits of not having to pay as much in shipping.  

Message me for more details...



Happy Friday, folks!!!

Braiding my icky regrowth...                                         My two favorite boys...

Happy Muffin-tin Monday... love it!                            My hard-working preschooler...

Contemplating selling my poufs...                                 Baking for friends with a new baby.... yum!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!


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To Sell, or Not to Sell

I have had several people inquire about the floor pouf I made for Guinnyth.  
I just made it on a whim for her 6 month pics that I took.  I love the freshness of the fabric and visual interest it brings to her room (and her photos).  I wish I had made this for her newborn pictures... swoon.  They would have been precious with her on a pouf.  If I made more, I would fill it with a few more pounds of stuffing so it would support a bigger babe, and even adult.  

People have asked if I am thinking about making and marketing my poufs.  I don't know... what do you think?  When I saw them, I knew I needed one.  Would you buy a pouf for your home, or for a baby gift??

Here are a few more for your viewing pleasure.

Nice and Cozy {Designs by Romy}

I bought a warm, fleece carseat blanket for Ella when she was a baby.  It was so nice to cover her up and not worry about her kicking it off, like babies do with regular blankets.

Although it was warm, it wasn't very cute.  In walks my sister-in-law...

Carseat Swaddle Blanket

She has opened a cute little Etsy Shop selling carseat blankets.  They are adorable, warm, and trendy.
Even when we brought Guinnyth home in August I wanted to keep her covered a little bit since the air conditioner was always on in the car and in public facilities.  I love that there is a layer of fleece between Guinnyth and the carseat.  It adds warmth and comfy-ness.

Designs by Romy

is a lovely little etsy store where you can buy this baby-licious-goodness.
Carseat Swaddle Blanket

Romy makes blankets for the cold winter seasons as well as the milder seasons.  They would be great as a gift for a baby expecting momma, or for your own little one.

Where we live, babes are to be rear-facing until they are two, so I will for sure be using my blanket in Guinnyth's carseat next year as well.

Carseat Swaddle Blanket

Check Romy out and give her some handmade, mommy support!!!
Romy is offering FREE SHIPPING on her products until the end of February!!!
Just use the code: QuickJourneyShip


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Bedtime Lovin'

Lil' lady is a mover and a shaker.  I don't know how she manages to squirm all over her crib, but she does.
I wound up having to put on her baby bumper a few weeks back due to the fact that she kept sticking her limbs through the slats and screaming for dear life.

I bought the bumper when Ella was a baby and I still love it.  Pottery Barn never gets old...

Sister also found her toes.  It is the stinkin'est, cutest thing I have ever seen.  I love when I change her diaper and she grabs her tootsies and rocks back and forth.  So cute. 
And, in case she is ever super hungry at night and I don't come running at the first wimper... she can chew on her toes for a few minutes.  Come on- so cute!!!

Have a happy Friday and a family filled weekend!!!