I know I have two other children {who I love so very much}, but I have to make sure I have ample photographs of my little SugarPlum to put in her book.

Ahhh... yes, the floor poufs- they are coming along.  Here are a few that I had for orders this week.  
So pretty!!!
Message me for info...

I have been experimenting with my hair lately.  I let it go curly the other day...    

Baby G and I got to go run errands alone yesterday.  It was easy, quiet, and quick- going out with one, instead of three is quite the contrast.  
If you are about to have a baby, or recently gave birth to a little nugget- get a baby wrap!!!!  I have worn my last two babies and so many times I think how easier life would have been had I had my wrap with my first.  They love it and it really gives you some nice "hold" time with your babe.  Mine is a LoveDuds brand (highly recommend). 


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  1. I wish I had had a baby wrap with any of my three! I suppose things in the baby world change so quickly as my youngest is almost 7 and my oldest just turned 11! Your fabric choices are beautiful. I think I spy at least one Amy Butler :)

    1. Things are always changing- for sure! And, yes... that just might be a little AB action going on within those fabric swatches. ;)

  2. Your hair looks super cute curly. And what a cute baby, seriously!! Have a great weekend :)