Nice and Cozy {Designs by Romy}

I bought a warm, fleece carseat blanket for Ella when she was a baby.  It was so nice to cover her up and not worry about her kicking it off, like babies do with regular blankets.

Although it was warm, it wasn't very cute.  In walks my sister-in-law...

Carseat Swaddle Blanket

She has opened a cute little Etsy Shop selling carseat blankets.  They are adorable, warm, and trendy.
Even when we brought Guinnyth home in August I wanted to keep her covered a little bit since the air conditioner was always on in the car and in public facilities.  I love that there is a layer of fleece between Guinnyth and the carseat.  It adds warmth and comfy-ness.

Designs by Romy

is a lovely little etsy store where you can buy this baby-licious-goodness.
Carseat Swaddle Blanket

Romy makes blankets for the cold winter seasons as well as the milder seasons.  They would be great as a gift for a baby expecting momma, or for your own little one.

Where we live, babes are to be rear-facing until they are two, so I will for sure be using my blanket in Guinnyth's carseat next year as well.

Carseat Swaddle Blanket

Check Romy out and give her some handmade, mommy support!!!
Romy is offering FREE SHIPPING on her products until the end of February!!!
Just use the code: QuickJourneyShip


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  1. they are so soft and cozy... i wish i had one for myself (maybe they call those "snuggies". :))