Buying Real Food {Azure Standard}

I am passionate... passionate about what I feed my family.  Anyone who knows me- knows this. 

 It doesn't bother me that most of the people that I love and hang out with don't care about eating real food- there are many things that my friends/family deem important that I do not.  But, where food is concerned, I am pretty particular.   

I had contemplated using a great website, Azure Standard, for quite some time.  I just never bit the bullet because it was one more thing for me to have to figure out.  Turns out, it is so simple- and, so worth it!!!

Grocery bills were getting pretty out of hand.  The sad thing is that the groceries I was buying at the supermarket weren't even very high quality.  I am so happy to have started Azure.  I buy organic, MSG free (and free of hormones and other chemicals, too) foods.  I compared prices from Azure (organic, healthy) foods to the prices I spent on Walmart (average, so-so) food.  I couldn't believe it!  The food from Azure was basically the same price, and I was getting much better quality as far as the food!  Also, there were some items that I bought a higher quantity from Azure and it still cost LESS than Walmart.  No kidding...

If you are at all interested in eating more real foods and less processed food, I will link a few of my favorite websites below.  It is worth at least taking a look at so you know what you and your family are eating.

100 days of real food~ is about a family and their journey to feeding their family real food.
Food Babe~ strap on your boots and get ready to cringe.  She tells you all the stuff the industry allows you to eat on a regular basis... it is shocking! 

Keeper of the Home~ has recipes and a lot of good resources 

Just sayin'- go check it out!!!!  If you are in to that sort of thing. 



  1. Right there with you! Been buying organic/non gmo food for our family for a few years now. Wish it was as cheap here in Canada as it is in the states!

    1. Is it way more expensive in Canada? I had no idea. I feel like it is pricey in the US, but there are just some things I feel like I should budget for. This is one of them. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Yes, it is. I think because most of it is "imported" from other countries (a lot from the states), we pay for that. Our selection is limited too, luckily we live near the border so we can go down and get things that we can't get here.:)

    I 100% agree with you that food is so important that we have to prioritize it in our budgets, too bad so many people don't think this way. I truly believe we'd have less illness if everyone went back to eating more naturally like they did way back in the day.

    Love reading your blog ;)Keep it up!

  3. Ooo thanks for the links. Looking into all of this again at the moment. It's easy to slip up but want to establish 'real food' once again in our home.

    1. It is easy to slip up... I know!! You just have to get back on the wagon.;)

  4. I think it is great that you are passionate about food that you feed your family. We should all educate ourselves. I do my best but could always do better I know.