G-Baby Eats

Guinnyth is 6 1/2 months old now, and I decided it was time to start feeding her something other than milk.  I had great intentions to do the BabyLedWeaning system, but that didn't work so well for us.  BLW is all about the baby feeding themselves the food, and not the parent.  You put food in front of them and let them figure it out, instead of spoon feeding them purees.  It also teaches them how to chew before swallowing, instead of swallowing before chewing.  
Maybe I needed to wait longer, but she didn't really eat anything.  She looked at me confused as to why she had this funny taste in her mouth and then stuck her thumb in her mouth.
 I gave her some blueberries in her fruit chewer... she did like that a little bit.

Bananas and avacados... (don't be fooled- the cutest little thumb ever snuck into her mouth, not the banana)

And, an occasional giraffe.  She preferred the giraffe. 

I was pretty bummed.  I wanted this to work, but it didn't.  Like I said, I think if I would've waited longer she would have taken to it better.  Maybe I gave up too early.  I am not pureeing her food, but I am mashing it up and feeding her with a spoon.  Failure... oh, well.

Have you ever done baby led weaning?  Or, do you do purees and spoon feed?


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  1. I want Link to start doing that. How soon did you start G??