Hands on Learning {Homeschool}

We are nearing the end of our first official year of homeschooling.  Things have gone great and I am so happy that we went with our hearts and kept Ella at home this year.  
One thing that did make schooling a little more difficult was finding activities for Liam to do so he felt included, but didn't bother us the entire time.  

Most of the time, he would work on counting pages and color, but when he got tired of that, I needed something to occupy him.

I have loved these Build-and-Play toys.  I found a car in the dollar bins at Target a year ago, but recently saw a submarine, helicopter, and race car in a toy magazine during Christmas time (thanks, mom!). 

 It came with tools: screwdriver, wrench, drill, etc.
Liam can take the toys apart on his own (which is when I work with Ella on school), but he does need some assistance putting them back together in the right order (which is when Ella does some work independently).  

Ella does a great job with the toys all on her own.  It offers great practice with hand-eye coordination and works as a type of puzzle- having to put the pieces together correctly so they fit nicely.

I know with birthdays and other holidays, like Easter and Christmas, it is sometimes difficult to find toys to give kids that don't feel like more junk for the mom to pick up.  This would be a great toy, for a boy or girl, that would also offer learning benefits.  Gift it with a cute tote, box, or tub for the toys to be stored in and I promise, the child will love playing with the toys!!  

We store each toy in a large ziploc and the tools in a quart size ziploc- all in a tub together.  That keeps things organized and easy to find.


Do you have a toy that your kids love?


  1. My kids also love toys you can take apart...mostly my son has a love for Legos.

    1. we haven't delved into the land of legos... yet. i think they will be right up my son's alley.

  2. These are adorable pictures, and so practical for little ones. I homeschool, too, and part of it is realizing that homeschooling is not just ABC's. I started a weekly link-up party on Thursdays, and I would love to share this post and/or any others that you would like to share with our readers. Hope to see you there! allthingswithpurpose.com

  3. I love the thought of home schooling and love hearing people talk about their experiences with it. I wish I had the time to home school. My son will be strating school this Fall and Im so nervous. Also, I LOVE those little bow headbands, I will have to check them out.
    Found you through the Blog Hop, Now following via Bloglovin.