Heart-to-Heart {Words of Wisdom}

What do you do when you need to know what you are supposed to do with a certain area in your life?
How do you discover the right road to take?

I have found a great deal of wisdom in a bible study Mark and I are a part of.  We meet with some awesome couples and learn about how to make wise decisions- I need some serious help in this area, yes!?!

Mark and I have had several decisions to make in the last few years- jobs, moves, homeschooling, etc.
We love to sit and talk in the evenings once the kids are in bed, even after all these years together (14 years total).  When we have a life changing decision, we talk to one another and pray.

Both great things, yes!?!
But, we have learned that there is an important key that we sometimes leave out. 
God wants us to search him for which way we are to go in life, but he also gives us something else to help us make decisions... each other.
We are to seek Godly counsel when we need answers.  

So many times in the Old (and, new) Testament we see men seek counsel from other wise men.
They help to keep our paths straight and lead us in the right direction.

Now, let me say... the key here is that you find someone wise (usually older and has a great deal of life experience- living his own life according to God's law).  Those wise men (and women) are a special gift that we shouldn't squander.  
Marriage, life, kids, business, school, friendships- all things that we need direction and help navigating. 
Talk to a mentor in your life... seek wise counsel.

too deep??  i know, but i was really impacted by how important this is.


"A wise man will hear and increase learning,
And a man of understanding will attain wise counsel..."
Proverbs 1:5


  1. Would you believe we just started a new study with our small group (young couples)last Friday and the topic is wisdom? How neat that you guys are studying that too! Proverbs is so full of wonderfully wise advise. Happy Monday.

    1. i am fairly certain i could read that book a million times and still find an abundance of wisdom. ;) thank you, Lord, for the gift of Proverbs!