How Do I Compete?

I spend a great deal of time worrying.  You know... that thing the B-I-B-L-E (yes, that's the book for me)
tells us not to do.  Worry takes us no where, but takes up valuable time and energy that could be spent elsewhere.  

One thing I worry about, is how I compete.
How do I compete with this world?
How do I compete as a woman with all that the world tells me is important?
How do I, if I am influenced by society as an adult, teach my kids to successfully defend themselves against it?  I know that I may be looked at as "extreme."  I know many will think I'm blowing this whole situation out of proportion.  But, I don't want to be one of those lonely Christians who thinks they are trodding the straight and narrow, when all along they were riding the fence.

Does that make sense?

I want to be completely and fully consumed by my Lord. 
I stink miserably at this task, but that is my whole-hearted desire.  

I read this article from We Are That Family.
It is worth a read, if you have time.  It's not just for moms of girls- even though it reads as if it is.  It is also for those who have boys and are worried about the way Satan uses society to lead them astray.

I guess my worry is, how do I compete with a seemingly cunning world, when I stink so bad at this whole "straight and narrow" thing myself?  I stumble daily- umm... I'm giving myself way too much credit.  I stumble all day long!  

I want to raise my kids to defeat this world.  I want them to bring so much glory to God that Satan shields himself from the light they exude for the Lord.  Such a lofty goal- so hard to accomplish.  I waste so much time with my worry- that I will never be able to complete my goal.  I can't stomach the thought of one of my kids not making it to Glory.  

Prayer. Prayer. Prayer. 
My only trump card is unceasing, unfailing prayer.  


Does this world scare you the way it scares me?


  1. I know exactly how you feel. It is a scary and its just getting scarier.

  2. Yes. Absolutely something I'm concerned about, and something I pray about daily. You're not alone friend!

  3. Hey I'm your newest follower from the Monday blog hop. I understand your concerns. My oldest is turning 16 in three days and he will be graduating from high school in a little over a month. I have had panic attacks about sending him into this world, but in the end you have to have faith that everything they have been taught sunk in a little deeper than the video games:)

  4. This world is a scary place but it is so comforting knowing that this isn't our final destination!!
    There are GREATER 'things' beyond this world!!!