BabyFood 101

I know there are plenty of posts out there about making your own baby food, but I thought maybe there might be one, or two, of you who would like to know more.  When pregnant with Isabella, I never once thought that I would make my own baby food.  Why would I?  There was plenty of food on the shelf at the store for me to choose from.  

I got into organics before it was all the "rage." With that being said, there was VERY little organic baby food to choose from at that time.  And, the options I did have were "out of this world" expensive.  So, when I decided to make my own I tried to buy organic produce when it was on sale.  When that wasn't an option, I used organic frozen, which was cheaper.  When we had Liam, I used all fresh since we had a garden at that time and I had organic veggies right out my back door.  We also had a family that was gracious enough to offer some produce for us to use for this purpose.

This is how I do it:  
*I steam my produce one fruit/veggie at a time (butternut squash and sweet potatoes are the only thing I bake).  This allows me to multi-task by baking and steaming all at the same time.
*With fruit, I steam them with the skins on (apples, pears, peaches, etc.).
  Veggies, I do peel (zucchini, yellow squash and such) before steaming.  
*Once they are soft, I remove from heat and let them cool.  
*I then scoop out the fruit and put it in my food processor (this is the first time I have had a food processor.  i have always used my blender or little, electric food chopper.) and process until creamy. 
* If you need to add some liquid- use the liquid in the pot that you used to steam your produce.  It will have some nutrients from the produce in there.  

Then, I put scoops of the food into ice trays, cover with press-and-seal, and freeze.  When they are frozen, I put them in ziploc freezer bags, label, and throw them in the freezer.  

I pull them out as I need them.  I can make a fruit/veggie cocktail, or just stick with one type of food.  
This might seem like it takes a long time, but it does not.  I can make enough baby food in a few hours to last me a month, or more.  It all depends on how much your baby eats.  

I hope this helps!  I would love to hear if you make your own food, too!




  1. I love this idea. And, you thought of it while your little one was young enough to take advantage. I didn't think of it until my little ones were way past baby-stage. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I am so glad I have done this... but, there are so many things that I look back and say, "Man! I wish I would have known that then." :)

  2. Good to know!!!
    We are just starting food and I want to try and do our own!!!

    Do you thaw in fridge or microwave the food before eating?

    1. i just thaw it on the counter. if i need it first thing in the morning, then i zap it in the microwave.

  3. i felt the same way with my first - never thought i would make my own food but it turned out to be not only more economical, but really easy. plus you knew exactly what was going into your little one's food. i did the freezing in ice cube trays and i bought containers at babies r us. I would also vacuum seal them to keep them extra fresh. planning on doing it again for baby #2.

    1. isn't it so easy?!? i don't have a vacuum sealer, but that would be nice.

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  5. Great tips - thanks so much for sharing at the Friday Baby Shower - Alice x