Goodbye, TV...

Life is expensive these days.  We are often surprised at how fast the money we are blessed with... disappears.  This past month we looked at our bills and tried to find where we could cut some costs.  We finally decided we could live without TV for awhile.  I know many people live without TV, but I was having a hard time grasping that I would no longer be able to decompress in the evenings while watching meaningless television.

Honestly, we only watched TV in the evenings for an hour, or so after the kids went to bed.  We did purchase an AppleTV and stream Hulu through that.  We have been watching sermons and a few TV series when we have time.  Honestly, we haven't missed it too much.  I do miss watching the news a little... but, all the news really did was depress me and make me fearful about what is to come.

Guinnyth's moccs: c/o Two Little Martians

Baby steps, right?  We are taking baby steps to cut costs.  It gives us more time to talk and connect to one another.  We should have done this a long time ago.  


Do you have TV???  I would love to know if you miss it, or not. 


  1. That's great! We have a tv for Netflix or movies but nothing else. It's been a year and I can't see us going back any time soon. Definitely saves money!

  2. I would cut it off if it was up to me. My husband feels differently. I never turn it on. We have one tv in the bonus room and I'm never up there unless I"m sewing...and can't hear it anyways if I sew. I wish we could cut it off...that would be a 100$ savings!

    Way to go girl! Enjoy the quiet!

  3. We don't have tv either! It's a cost thing as well and I find it's habitual; you go without it long enough and you won't even miss it. :) One thing we do is watch tv series on dvd. Had a dvd/book swap with girlfriends a while back, such a great way to get rid of old ones and get new ones without having to spend $! Hope this helps.

  4. I would love to get rid of cable,but because my hubby is a NFL addict, we(he) needs the NFL channel. He has a smart phone,but its the games he has to watch. Otherwise, I think we be ok with it. I think it is a great cost cutter!

  5. I live in a different sort of home with my brother, grandmother and daughter. We have cable in the home, but it's only hooked up in my grandmother's room. I have a Blu-Ray player with internet access, though, which I use to stream Hulu and Netflix on occasion, and largely only when I want my daughter to sit still for a little while so I can get things done. I'd be completely fine if we didn't have cable in the house!
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    Christine @ Musings of a Single Mama

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Sounds like you have a full house!

  6. We have never paid for cable! We just use the internet, hook it up to the TV and catch up on which ever silly shows we have time for. And luckily the NFL/SPorts stuff, my husband had access to on his Xbox (? no idea how that works... or how much it costs.. oh lordy, i better go ask right now!!! lol).

  7. We have gone just over a year without cable. :)
    We do Netflix & Hulu... streaming through our xBox!!!
    Since I am BLESSED with being able to stay home with our little one
    I value my time a think a little more and DO NOT turn on the television AT ALL during the day!!

    I am so much more productive & get things done :)

    1. I never watch any during the day either. My down time is always in the evenings after the kids go to bed, but now mark and I do more productive things.

  8. We are thinking about ditching tv as well. We stream Hulu through our Wii (and are hopefully getting Apple TV soon.) I will miss watching the news every now and then, but I only watch the news maybe twice a year. Usually I just read it on my phone or computer.

    By the way, I'm new to your blog. I clicked through from your ad on Finding Beauty in the Ordinary. I love your pictures, and your post above about watching your children play touched my heart. I'm a new follower :-)

  9. Those booties are so cute!
    Congrats on going TV-free. Takes willpower!


    Craft E Magee

  10. We have TV, but we have been having "no TV" summers for the past few years. And, during the school year, there is very little time to watch! I don't think I would miss it if it was gone! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle