I love...

I love.

I love the changing seasons where we live.  I love that after the heat of the summer, we are ready to be cooped up for a little while (sometimes, the cooped up season lasts a little too long) snuggling in our cozy clothes and sipping hot cocoa.  I love that once winter is making it's escape, we are ready to break free and explore outside.  

  I love that the outside is like a brand new toy for my littles.  I love that they can explore a dirt patch for an hour... pretending that they are going to find a rare fossil.  
 I love that, although, my newest little might not love being in the crunchy grass... she loves being on her momma's hip breathing in the fresh air.  

I love that seasons come and seasons go.  I love that we all get to start fresh at times.  I need a fresh start- often.  



  1. Love Guinn!!!
    So love the change too!!!

  2. Stopping in from the GRAND Social. We live in South Texas where we hardly have winter at all. I would love to experience the seasons this way.