InstaFriday {Instagram}

I love Instagram.  It just might be my favorite form of social media.  As a matter of fact, I think I can firmly say that it IS my favorite social media outlet bar none. 

The last few weeks have been fairly quiet on my IG feed.  I have been busy and had a sick little lady on my hands.  

She had a double ear infection (which I have read you can cure with breastmilk... I will be trying that next time) so we went and got some antibiotics for her.  Obviously, you can see she is allergic to them.  This picture doesn't even do it justice.  Her ears and cheeks were covered and swelled (think high school wrestler cauliflower ear- that's what her ears looked like at one point).  You could feel the heat from the rash all over.  Poor thing... no more antibiotic for you!

Mark and I did get an evening away to celebrate my 30th birthday at The Melting Pot.  I had a friend in college who loved this place.  I used to hear her raving about it, so one day I asked Mark if we could go try it for ourselves.  Needless to say, it is my favorite restaurant and now I am the one who raves about it.

We visited Chick-fil-A last week so the kids could play and enjoy some time outside of the house.  Baby girl and I sat outside and ate puffs while the big kids played.  She is such a sweet baby...

I had my first {Shop my Closet} sale right here on the blog.  If you are interested in some great items at great prices... check it out.  There are still a few items available!!!

Have a great weekend!!!


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