She pairs socks and scrubs the floors.
She wipes tears and hugs the hurt away.

She loves with wreck-less abandonment and wishes the memories to last a few moments longer.
She breathes blessings on her home and lies with sweet babes to sleep.
She muddles through the arguments that inevitably creep into every day, threatening to steal the joy
gifted to her.


She keeps the momentum moving forward and holds her breath as the days pass- too quickly.
She looks in wonder as the purest form of blessing grows and matures.
She feels unworthy of the call... the call to be a mother.
But, she looks to the Creator of all things for grace- surely there is enough for her.
She would be nothing without His amazing grace- how sweet the sound.

She prays to slow life down... one memory at a time.
She soaks up each sweet word... each touch... each slobbery kiss.
For, this is her life- the very reason she was breathed into existence.



  1. Awww , so adorable post . You're little ones are so cute :)
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  2. Beautiful! I love being a Mama! Thank you for sharing!

  3. ((Tear & Smile)) Great Post! Loved it :)