Oldest vs. Youngest

There is something that happens to a mom between the oldest and youngest baby.

With Isabella, my oldest, I was so excited for each milestone.  
Sleeping through the night... I didn't enjoy my all-nighters very well.  I actually despised them for the first few weeks.  Hormones totally wreaked havoc on me.
Eating... we started right at four months.  I gave her a sippee about that time as well.  I was so anxious for the next goal to be met- wishing my time away.
Walking... I was so excited to see her toddling around like a big girl.  I loved her being able to move about.
Nursing... Once she was a year I felt like I had earned my gold star and was ready to call it quits.

With Liam I slowed things down a bit.  I didn't start food until five months and didn't think too much about him rushing into the next phase of baby-hood.  I nursed him until he was fifteen months (got the flu and I dried up) and loved every minute of it.  It was the most wonderful bonding time and we were very attached to one another.  

In walks baby #3... baby Guinnyth.
I am taking my sweet time with this one.  
Sleeping through the night... she is such a great baby, but she definitely likes to wake up and get snacks in the night.  I just recently (7 months) got strict with her and am letting her fuss a little bit.  But, last night, she woke up before I went to bed and I went ahead and nursed her even though I knew she didn't really need it.  I relished every late-night moment I had with her as a newborn.  I actually had a difficult time making myself put her back into bed when I nursed her to sleep in the middle of the night.
Eating... I just started her on food around 7 months.  I tried during her 6th month, but she didn't really care for it.  Now, she is chowing down on her homemade purees.  I have enjoyed making my baby food for each of my three kids.  It is so easy and cost effective.
Nursing... she still nurses at least 5-6 times/day and sometimes more if I respond to her pleas in the middle of the night.  I fully intend on nursing as long as she wants to.  I had planned on doing that with Liam, but sickness changed those plans.  G won't take a bottle, so we are pretty much inseparable.

I think as you get older and have more kids, you learn to be content with a slower pace.  I love that Guinnyth  seems so young right now.  She still seems like a young baby to me.  Ella at 7 months seemed so old and advanced- because I pushed her to be that way.  


Do you feel like this with your kids?


  1. Since I only had one child I don't know if I would have done it differently. Your babies are each beautiful. Just stopping by from the GRAND Social Linky Party. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I had two and they were very different. My first was very curious and anxious to get moving and eating and weaned herself at 15 months. That hit me really hard and I fell into a terrible depression. My second was independent in some ways but not quite as quick to eating solid foods or walking and nursed until 19 months. I had an easier time with her weaning. I spent as much time as possible cuddling and bonding with them as I could. There are days I wish they were still little, but I'm enjoying their new milestones as little girls.

    BTW, found you on the Twitter hop on Dawn's Disaster :)