Would You Like a Cup of Tea?

It is really important for me to teach my kids to love one another.  
I want them to enjoy one another's company.  

Time is too precious to spend it bickering (oh, how they can bicker).
It is too short to waste it fighting over toys (yep, they do that, too).

Everyone would be much better off if they just had a tea party... with a bunch of wild animals and baby bottles.

I love watching them play.
I love watching their imaginations.
I love getting to see little moments of kindness between the two of them.
It's almost like God's giving me a pat on the back.  And, I really need those pats from time to time.



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1 comment:

  1. I want to say it gets better the older they get, but I honestly think it gets worst. I am trying to be patient and talk to them about loving each other. Hopeing it sticks soon!