Yep, I'm Martha...

It is true... I am stinkin' Martha! 
I am the one who works instead of sitting at the feet of Jesus!
Ugh... everyone who knows me in real life is nodding their heads up and down. 

Jesus is begging me to sit and talk.  Love on him and serve him, and I'm in my kitchen cooking and cleaning.

I have an issue with hospitality.
Someone drops by the house to visit...
"Oh, I am so sorry the house is a mess (even thought it really isn't- it just makes me feel better)."
Mark wants to invite friends over and I'm more concerned with my house being spotless even though it will be a train wreck once everyone and their bear cubs leave.  
I am so working on this downfall of my personality.  All it does is rob me of the opportunity to fellowship and relax with others.  But, that isn't the end of my issue.

I know I am supposed to be a dutiful wife and mother and tend to the house, but I do that instead of spending quality time with my Lord.  Seriously, I will stay up and clean the house so that it is tidy in the morning and I don't have to wake up to chaos, but then I give God like ten minutes.  

I do try to make it a purposeful ten minutes *pat myself on the back, right?*, but come on- ten minutes?!
Give me a break.  He gives me my very breath and I give him ten minutes at the end of my exhausting, but blessed day.  Good thing I have my priorities straight, right?  

Not only do I fail at being hospitable to my buds, but I fail at making room in my untidy heart for God.  
I let people walk into the foyer very easily, but I don't really want them to walk into my mess of a master bedroom- how embarrassing   I let God take ten minutes of my day, but I don't really feel comfortable giving him a hour in the morning before the sun rises (girl needs her beauty sleep). 

Ugh... I need so much work.  How can I be so broken and have so much work to do?  
Eternity with our Maker don't come cheap, folks.  I bet if you sit and ask Jesus how expensive our one way ticket to Glory was, he'd say, "Sit, Martha, sit at my feet and let me tell you how much I love you." 


Please tell me I'm not the only Martha out there!!!

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  1. Oh sister. I'm with you. I am a Marth too. SO MUCH SO! I am trying to work on this more. But I do so wish I could get up early in the morning for some reading time. But, He offers Grace. Thank God! Cause I need it! Daily!!!!

  2. I'm fully aware that I'm a Martha too!! Although today I am reading a few posts instead of mopping the floor. lol. Yay, me. :)

    1. isn't it nice to take a break from "martha" and read some posts? refreshing... :)

  3. Hi there! I have ventured over from Linkin’ With My Ladies. I am co-hosting this month and I just wanted to thank you for participating! Love your blog! XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  4. I hear ya girl, I am the same exact way. Have you read "Having a Mary heart in a Martha world" by Joanna Weaver? It talks just about this & is so refreshing. It speaks truth of how Jesus wants us to sit at His feet and be still. Thank you for this reminder. I am doing all I can to keep up with house cleaning & laundry & everything else with the anticipation of a new baby. Sometimes...most times, this takes top priority. Thanks for your beautiful, encouraging words :)

  5. Resonating with all of this as I struggle through my Martha-recovery journey right along side you. What a delight to visit here today...

  6. I'm the same exact way. I've been really praying about this and working on it. I wish we lived closer...I think we'd make great friends! Praying with you on this.

  7. It's funny you should mention this! God is teaching me a lot about the importance of showing hospitality, even when I can come up with a million excuses not too! Stretching myself this week and extending hospitality ... praying that I will be a MARY and not a MARTHA!

  8. Visiting and shared, tweet and G+. Thanks for a great post. I was a Martha and still have flashbacks!.Visiting via Fun Friday! aka Espacularaiesa

  9. I'm in the Martha boat with you, Liz. There are so many nights I stay up tidying and sweeping floors only to get to bed for "quiet time" that winds up being 1 chapter of Bible reading. Time to slow down and re-prioritize. Your kiddos are super cute! Loved the pics. Visiting from Works for Me Weds.

  10. Aww I love these pictures! So pretty

  11. You have a beautiful family!

  12. Oh wow! I could've written this post! Praying alongside you with this one! :) x

  13. It sure is a lot of work trying to juggle family, kids and our walk with the Lord, but our walk with the Lord should be the most important thing in our life...however, we all get side-tracked. Thanks for reminding me the ratio of the time spent cleaning vs. devotional time with the Lord. Have you hear of the One Minute Bible? What a joke! Why not a one-minute shopping trip? One minute coffee break? Thanks for writing! love the pics of your adorable kiddos! Great photography skills there:)New follower here on bloglovin!
    Visiting from Pint-sized Treasures
    Found you through the Better Mom Link-up

  14. Liz,
    Thank you for sharing this post at my link up last week. I just featured you in my list of highlights from last week. I love your blog too, we have a lot in common!

    God bless you and thanks for being a part of the online community

    Have a great day!

  15. NO!!! You are not the only Martha out there! I think I just read a quick sum-up of MY life! He's still workin' on me too girl! Hang in there....we'll get it one day my fellow Martha ;-)

  16. No!!! You are NOT the only Martha! I have both hands raised. Your words spoke to me! Thank you...

  17. I so understand what you mean, thank you for this honest, beautiful post!
    Just found your cute blog through The Wiegand's link up, now following ya via GFC and excited to read more :)