5 Ways to Save Your Family Money! {Thrifty Thoughts}

Ok... I have been moving our family towards a more "real" way of living for some time now. 
We eat very little processed- out of the box- food.
A great deal of what we do eat is organic.
How do we afford to do this and still pay the electric bill?

Well, I am about to give you a few tricks of my trade. 
Mind you, many of you will click to the next blog on your list right now.
Totally fine... but, for those of you who are willing- stay tuned.

1. One way we make ends meet is by cloth diapering.

I know, you have heard me blog about this before, but it truly does save gobs of moo-lah!
If we are out and about, I will use disposables, but at home- cloth it is!
It is so easy and you barely even have to tend to them.  I'd rather eat that money in healthy food, then paste it on my babe's booty.

2. Another way we watch our pennies and nickles is by getting rid of our dish TV.
We are ditching the dish and saying "hello" to the apple TV.
Wow!  you can say a bundle by doing that.  We stream Netflix, or Hulu, through our apple TV and watch shows/movies that way.  We don't even miss the regular TV. 

3. We use Azure Standard, which I posted about here, to buy a great deal of our bulk items.  
Great resource!!!

4.  I make my own babyfood.  I know it isn't anything new to most mommas, but I have made my own purees for all my babies.  It is so easy and so much cheaper to make organic baby food than to buy organic baby food.  Also, I don't have to worry about anything else being in the food- it's just pure fruits and veggies.

5. I use Shaklee cleaning products.  I do not have to buy cleaning products for my home.  I have had these for a LONG time and they will still last me another year.  The are concentrates that you mix with water to dilute.  They are non-toxic and work great.  I use it as a germicide, all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner, and degreaser.  One thing I do still buy are toilet bowl wand refills.  I love those things- use and then pitch.    


How do you save money for your family??


  1. I also use cloth diapers, out and at home, and even during vacations. I dont buy cleaners, but use baking soda, and vinegar for my cleaning. I make my own laundry detergent, too. We also dont watch TV. With internet, who needs TV? We eat home cooked food 99% of the time, and hubs takes leftovers to work. I homeschool, and that saves $$ on school clothing, backpacks and fancy stuff. I could go on and on :)) Great post, thanks for sharing!

    Visiting you from http://playdoughandpuzzles.blogspot.com/

    1. I have read a lot about baking soda and vinegar! I actually just used vinegar to clean my shower the other day. Thank you for stopping by!!!

  2. Found your blog over at Westover Manor. I'm your newest follower : )

    We pretty much do the same things to save money. We have net flicks instead of cable. We also just got Hulu Plus. I use mostly homemade cleaners. I also stopped buying paper towels and made a bunch of cloth napkins instead.
    I'm due in October and we are also going to be using cloth diapers, which I'm excited about. This will be our third girl and first baby in cloth. I'm also going to try to make baby food for the first time.
    Another thing that has saved us money is to pay our vehicles off right away. We haven't had a car payment in years. We are saving up for a van now and will almost be able to pay for it all in cash. Which will be awesome! At first I didn't know how we could afford to save for it, but I'm so glad we did!


    1. i am so glad you hopped over! you will love cloth diapers. i love them, although, they were overwhelming at first. now i don't even think about it... it's completely normal to wash and diaper with them.

  3. Just found your blog and am your newest follower! Love these tips - we also make our own baby food - haven't tried the cloth diapers yet!


  4. Great tips! We have never had cable in our house and don't miss it at all. I make my own cleaning supplies, and we eat frugally (not too much meat, cooking from scratch). We haven't tried cloth diapering though!

    1. There are times where we miss TV in the evenings, but we love having that time to chat and read. I am grateful we decided to nix the "tube." :)

  5. We do the Netflix & HULU thing too!!
    It has helped me to NOT sit in front of the TV during the day.
    We have our movies or tv series we are watching and we wait until the evenings!!!

    I also try to make EVERYTHING we eat... breakfast, pack lunches for work & dinner :)
    Which makes eating out a SPECIAL treat----- NO DISHES :)

  6. Thank you for linking up for Ultimate Mom Link up! I love the ways you save money! we used cloth diapers for our last baby and wish I had them for all. One little tip, is make your own wipes - that helps too and they are easy to clean. I haven't tried Azure yet - but just placed an order and can NOT wait for it to arrive! And yes - no cable or dish here - we have a few streaming options but that tv stays off - it's turned on very little! Love your blog - and can't wait to read more - hope you'll link up again this Thursday.

  7. We don't have tv and have cloth diapered at least part-time, but some of those things I'd never heard of and I'm intrigued. I'm going to have to check into Shaklee and Azure. Thanks so much for linking up with me at Walking Redeemed last week!

  8. I have recently started to make our own toothpaste. If this is a saviings for our family I am still looking at the numbers. My kids like it better than reg. toothpaste!

    1. i might need your recipe! as long as it is an actual paste. for some reason i do not like the gel toothpaste. i know... i am weird. :)