Sometimes, I feel jipped.  
Seriously... there are some things that just aren't right.

In life, there should be some things that are guaranteed.


A mother should not have to kiss her kids good-bye.  She should not have to bury her kids and live her life wondering what her grand kids would have been like.

A mother should not have to hear that her child is ill and can't be fixed.  We have doctors- aren't they supposed to repair any little illness they find?

A mother should not have to open the door to an officer who proceeds to cradle her in his arms after he has given her unchangeable news.  

A mother should not have her baby whisked away after birth because the child is too tiny to survive on his own.  Those first moments are too precious- a mother should have those moments to kiss and cuddle her precious new gift.  

A mother should not have to walk into her baby's room to scoop her out of the bed and find that she isn't met there with a smile and twinkling eyes- that smile and those eyes are but a memory. 

The most difficult part of being a mother...
are all those things that aren't guaranteed.  
All those outside factors that cannot be controlled.

There is only One who is the ultimate healer. 
There is only One who is the ultimate comforter.
There is only One who is the ultimate life-breather.
There is only One who is never changing.
There is only One who is guaranteed to never falter or fail us.

My mind is powerful.  It has the ability to take me from high atop the mountain peak, to down into the depths of the valley below.  I am constantly fighting the places my mind travels.  The reason, is because the place where my mind goes, often brings worry with it.  It takes me to the place where nothing is guaranteed.  

I cannot stand up under those "what if's" that I face.  I crumble in pain and heartache.  How is it that emotional pain creates a real and true physical response?  

In the aftermath of the Oklahoma disasters, I am left with one thing...
Our only hope in this life is to cling to the One who is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  

My heart aches for so many reasons today:
for families who have lost homes and memories,
for families who have lost loved ones,
for the parents of the child who didn't wake up when they went in to snuggle their little one,
for those who suffer addiction and cause pain for everyone around them, 
for those who can't see past their selfishness and come to the cross...

there is only One answer.



  1. I love how you say you fight the places that your mind travels, I feel the same way and you said it wonderfully.

  2. That has to be the HARDEST part of being a parent.... those things we have no control over!
    We can do our best to protect our children and care for them, but sometimes the Lord has different plans!

    As a parent who has lost a child.... IT IS THE WORST, BUT I have HOPE & I have a Saviour who has carried
    my husband & I through the DEPTH of DESPAIR!!

    I am so thankful to KNOW where my daughter is and the I will be reunited with her in glory!!

  3. A friend of ours recently lost her 25 year old son, and I just can't wrap my mind around the pain she must be in. But I know that the Lord is comforting her and she feels it and He is giving her strength. But it still hurts. My hearts grieves for her and for others who have suffered a recent loss.

    Every time my boys are out driving (one is at work and the other at youth group as I write this) I pray for their safe return. It's all I can do, but it is enough to leave them in the arms of our Savior. That's what we have to do with those "what ifs." But sometimes they sneak back out, lol!

    Just a reminder that "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party is live and ready for your posts!

  4. yes and amen! you have to cling to God love ... that really is the only way to get through this fallen world.

  5. So thankful for that one true hope.

    I think you've got the gift of compassion and it is people with such tender hearts like yours who pray for those hurt and suffering, that God uses in a big way.

  6. OH sister. I feel ya on this one. My mind is my most dangerous enemy. FOR SURE. I can 'what if' till I make myself sick. But----I am really learning to step back from those what ifs and let it go. Because, am I a fortune teller, or a future predictor? No. Only God knows. So why get myself so worked up over something that is more than likely NOT going to happen. It's just such a waste. Don't do it girl. Give it to Him! Easier said than done for sure, but it's worth it to turn it over.