Neon Trendsetters {fashion}

I love all the bright colors out in the stores this spring.
The only trouble is that I don't want my kids to look like a big neon sign.  
With neons, it is very easy to go overboard and look silly- even with kid's fashion.
I have compiled a few options to throw in your kiddo's wardrobe to keep them on-trend, but not go overboard.

1. Neon Accented infinity scarf- NoraGray  2. Heart Dress- Target
3. Hat with Neon Accent bow- Muluk  4. Flip-flops- Old Navy
5. Pink One-Piece- Gap  6. Leggings- Newberry Park

If you go with a large, bold piece, then soften it with muted shades elsewhere.  If you have a simple dress, you can afford to go bold with the leggings.  It is all about balance.  



  1. Love love love!! All of it. Following you on bloglovin!

  2. I am big into neons this year. i like this combo. How did you make that collage?

  3. such fun picks! love the boat leggings!