Tips for Growing a Healthy Vegetable Garden

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I love feeding my family good, real foods.  Eating that way can get expensive, so to help with that expense, we turn our expense into fun garden projects.  Growing a vegetable garden for the first time can be pretty intimidating and confusing- when do I plant... when do I pick the produce... how long does it stay good in my fridge... can I freeze the produce?  This will only be our second year planting a vegetable garden, so I am no expert.  What I do know is this...

It is important to make sure you have good, fertile soil to give your plants the nutrients they need to grow into healthy fruits and veggies.  

To help our plants, we like to put a little Miracle-Gro in the ground prior to putting our plants, or seeds, in the dirt.  They even have a super convenient LiquaFeed All Purpose Plant Food Advance Starter Kit for those who need the whole kit-in-a-caboodle.  This gives them everything they need to grow into healthy adult plants.  

We also put water in the hole with the Miracle-Gro before putting the plant in the ground.  

We then cover the plant using our regular garden soil and water the plant generously.  

I love using our produce for grilled veggies, homemade salsas, pickles, BLT sandwiches, and so much more.  Not only that, our kids get to learn about the plant cycle first hand.  They look forward to planting and harvesting the fruits and veggies.  Not to mention, I get a tan when I am out working in the garden, which is plus in my book!

If you have any questions about gardening of any kind- vegetable gardening or flower beds- visit The Gro Project website.  There are tons of fabulous ideas for you and your family to get started in the garden!  If you have a gardening story you would like to share with other readers, head over to The Gro Project and share your story!


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  1. i love gardening! nothing taste better than i home grown tomato!