Why We Homeschool {Our Schedule}

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Do you really keep a schedule?  

I am a structured person.  
I thrive on order.
Needless to say, when it comes to school, I am the same way.

We wake up and get moving around 7.
The kids watch a show while I get ready and make breakfast.
They eat, get dressed, make beds, and brush their teeth.  

When 9 o'clock rolls around, I lay the baby down for a nap and we get started on school.
Everyone- family and friends- know not to call during that time. 
They know we are doing school and I don't want to be interrupted.

I use a folder system for school at this present time, so I always set out Ella's folder and manipulatives the night before- she's all ready to go when it's school time.
She has some memorization work she does- both scholastic and Bible- while I get Liam set up and satisfied with his "work."
We then move on to Reading/Phonics.  Typically it is a worksheet and then we read books together.
We do a Math worksheet and practice her skip counting, money skills, and telling time.
I also do hands-on activities after our more difficult skills are completed.

This year, it took an hour for our scheduled school time.
I know.  It doesn't sound like much- I get it.  But, consider this...
We don't take bathroom breaks.
We do music, art, and PE throughout the day.
We work one-on-one for an intense hour.  
She colors once that hour is finished.
She cuts once that hour is finished.
That is one hour of full-on learning.

Oh, and she is only 4/5 years old.  

This next year, we will be adding in other subject areas and her school time will be longer.
I want her to be a kid.
She doesn't need to be in school for 6-8 hours.
She needs to play and learn to interact with her siblings.
She learns a lot- outside of that one hour.

I hope you enjoyed my Why We Homeschool series.
I hope that answered some questions that I know many of you (family and friends) had about why this is the right fit for our family.


I would love to know what your schedule is like?


  1. I have been enjoying your posts on homeschooling so very much. This one, especially, is encouraging because you said that it only takes one hour. I am a bit of a perfectionist and think that school should take most of the morning, but at their age {my son is 4.5 yrs old} it really isn't necessary to go that long. Their attention spans won't let them anyway. Also... I agree that most of their time should be spent playing and coloring and just being a kid!

    1. i understand. we learn during "play" time as well. you will find that it all falls into place! good luck!!!

  2. Thank you for sharing!
    I have my heart set on homeschooling my daughter, and I always enjoy coming across posts that kind of give me a peek into how other moms do it.

    1. Yay! I am the same way... I love blog "stalking" other homeschool moms. It gives me encouragement.

  3. Fabulous! :) Have loved this series - it's given me lots to think about! x

    1. I am so glad! I hope to post some more later on. Stay tuned!!!

  4. Sounds like a great schedule. I always had a schedule but more went through the order of it rather than kept to the exact time. Thanks for sharing this over at WholeHearted Home.

  5. I think this schedule sounds excellent. Our school time usually lasts about an hour or less give or take (my daughter is 4.5). But like you said, she continues to do learning activities and learns throughout the day. I'm jealous you have the "no call" rule and it actually is respected! I'll have to work on that one.

  6. This. Thank you for dispelling the myth that adequate homeschooling is hours of arduous seat work. Your schedule sounds filled with opportunity for her to learn and grow outside the confines of rigidity even while you are focusing on some basics. Please stop by today, if you get a chance, and link up some more of your wisdom at Walking Redeemed! It is so very needed!

  7. Found you on Raising Arrows link-up. This will be our first year officially homeschooling. It is wonderful to have so many fantastic resources like your blog to learn from! I posted recently about how we came to our decision to homeschool. :) http://countercultureliving.com/last-day-of-school-indefinately/

    1. i can't wait to read your post! i enjoyed taking a look at your pancake recipe!

  8. We'd all be surprised if we could really see how much learning goes on in your home besides the 1 hour. I think that's what those who don't homeschool don't understand. Learning goes on from day to night as many times they learn by our example. They learn how a man should treat his wife and vise verse. They learn grace and love and patience. They learn that we are human and mess up but God showers us with forgiveness--just like they do when something gets broken.

    Such adorable children. I love seeing a child with a book.

  9. Your schedule sound PERFECT :) Now I'm off to read your other posts in this series.
    (stopping over via Walking Redeemed)

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  11. I completely agree--preschoolers do not need to be sitting in focused desk work for more than an hour! I am so glad you shared this at Teach Me Tuesday at Preschool Powol Packets!!