Why We Homeschool {So, you are saying that public school isn't good enough?}

If you missed my first two posts on {the beginning} and {how long will we do this}- check them out.

The question: Do you think sending our kids to public school is wrong?

Ummm... no. Wasn't that easy?
No, I am not against public school.
Actually, I feel like our public school has very kind and capable teachers.

God just revealed to me that I have other options.  I am capable of teaching my own children.
This time is so brief, and I am not called to send them away quite yet.
I was called to keep them home, for now.

I realize that we will get some resistance for some things that we choose to do, or not do, as far as our family is concerned.  Part of growing up is realizing that you don't have to stay with the pack.  We are not all cut from the same cookie cutter.  I am unlike anyone else in this world.  My children are unlike anyone else in this world.  So, why would our journey be the same as someone else's?

It's not.
We are on our own journey- with our own family.
We are led a certain way.  It isn't the same way that everyone in my community, family, or even social circle is supposed to go.  We are made perfectly and carefully.  God crafted us to be our own person.  With that comes different life choices.

I get asked about "sheltering" my kids.  I am not ashamed to say that, "yes," I am sheltering them.
Isn't that what I am supposed to do- shelter and protect?
I share life with them as they are prepared to experience it.
I keep from them what they are not prepared to experience.

I am blessed to be a homeschooling mom the same way that my best friend is blessed to be a parent of public schooled children.  We are both moms who love their kids and pray for our kids.  We are both moms that protect and want the best for our kids.

We are just on a different journey.


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  1. Thank you, Liz. I appreciate your graciousness. We started home schooling the first of our 10 kids in 1992, but a few years ago, started enrolling some of them in public school. We have had a positive experience. I did get some nasty comments from other home school parents, though. :-(

    Here is my take, which I wrote even before we had kids in public school: http://virginiaknowles.blogspot.com/2009/08/do-it-well-but-keep-it-humble.html

  2. I love this post! Every-one truly does have a different journey, and who are we to judge what another does?
    Stopping by from A Wise Woman Builds.

  3. So true, we each have our own path to take... it does not matter how different they are, just that we care for and support each other when we can!

    Holly at Not Done Growing

  4. I always find it sad when parents criticize or question each other's choices in regards to educating their children. Without question, a parent always has her child's best interests at heart and will make a decision accordingly. We homeschool and have certainly received our share of criticism and questions, but I am also disappointed when I hear people in the homeschooling community criticizing parents who choose public or private schooling for their children. Thank you for presenting this in a way that makes it clear we should all feel free to choose our own best path.

  5. Yes. This. Great thoughts and a great post!

  6. Well said! Thanks for linking up to Thrive @ Home! :)

  7. I have one kid in preschool (5 days a week!) and one 11-year old homeschooling. There are good reasons in both cases. Thanks for understanding that we have grace to do what works for each family!

  8. Well said! I don't know why people assume just because you homeschool you for some reason are against the public school system. Thank you!

  9. I didn't homeschool with our children attending public school. Very happy with the result, they have turned out great adults that I'm very proud of. We ran into no problems and I doubt most parents do, but it is a personal choice for each family.

    1. Joluise~ My hubby and I both attended public school and we think we turned out quite fine as well. ;) I am so grateful, though, that I live in a place where I can follow my convictions and school my kids as I believe necessary. We are all truly blessed. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  10. I love this post. Thank you. My oldest is in preschool and I am homeschooling her at the moment. It makes me happy that someone else shares the same opinion as me: That public school is great for some people while homeschooling is much better for others. I feel I have been called to homeschool my children as well. Thank you for your insight!

  11. YES! We all need to find the path and journey God created us for. No path is the same - and this is where not judging comes into play. thank you for sharing such grace with friends who choose a different path! And thank you for linking up with Ultimate Mom link up!

  12. Well said! We are all uniquely created with unique gifts and talents and unique paths laid out before us. Sometimes we forget that different does not equal wrong, it's just different! According to Paul, all parts of the Body of Christ are necessary - every different one. Thank you for recognizing those differences with such grace for all. :)

  13. This is beautifully written- exactly what I want people to know about our choices to homeschool.

    Thank you

  14. This is a great post. I homeschooled for 16 years until my youngest graduated. I had friends who homeschooled and friends who didn't. I also had (and still have) friends who are teach in the public schools.

    Just because we homeschooled didn't mean that we loved our children more than my friends whose kids were in public schools. We just made a different choice, and so did they.

    I heard that same "sheltering" thing too and my answer was "What's wrong with that?" Some of my friends called it overprotective but both my boys are 20 and 24 now and they have BOTH told me how thankful they are that we protected them from some things (and said no to other things) when they were younger.

    Thanks so much for linking up to "Making Your Home Sing Monday" today!

  15. I have a college degree in TEACHING, but am not sure if that education is meant for a CLASSROOM or a HOME setting.
    I was homeschooled, went to private school & public school. Each of them have their own positives & negatives.
    It truly has to be a WHOLE FAMILY decision :) I am praying that you continue to have great results in raising your precious children!!