Child Labor

Ahhh... staying at home can be overwhelming.  It can be messy.  Literally.
I like to be tidy.  I like things to be in their place.  But, life isn't tidy.  Life is all over the place.

I get busy.  I let stuff go around the house.  Then, I am left with a sink full of dishes, toilets with all sorts of boy-toddler "misses,"  and a laundry room screaming for attention!  

What would my life be without the mess?  I would not be me- I would be a different version of me.  I love that I have messes to clean up, and toys to trip over.  I waited a long time for that first mess-maker to arrive and shake my world to its core.  It is okay to live in the mess sometimes... to relish the mess... to be in awe over the mess.  The mess is worth it!


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