Father's Day // In Pictures

I love celebrating Mark.  The only problem is that he is my banker.  So, how am I supposed to buy him anything without him knowing?
Tips anyone???

We went to Cabela's on Saturday so the kids could shoot at the pretend shooting range (it was out of order- whomp, whomp).
One of Mark's presents was a BBgun for the kids.  I totally killed three birds with one stone with that gift.  Mark was just as excited as the kiddos to get home and try it out.  
Here is the father/spawn pic from Cabela's. 

we have a pretty princess*a deer in headlights* and a cheese ball

Oh, the joys of trying to get a good picture on a Sunday morning.  Why does every "picture worthy" holiday fall on a Sunday?  I rush around to get everyone looking sweet and then try to snap pictures right before we waltz out the door.  It never seems to pan out for us.  

Exhibit A, below:

"What's that, daddy?  You want me on the other side?  Okay... here I go." - Liam

Lovely smiles from three out of four.  *sigh* (she is still so stinkin' cute- even crying!)

And now, Daddy and G are smiling and the other two are admiring the baby.  *sigh, again*

Yay!  A great picture... except, mommy is out of focus.  Good Job, Mom!

Yep, that's it... never got a great picture of the four.  I decided that they were perfect the way they were.  That was truth in pictures.  Life here is crazy and fun and sometimes there are tears.

I did get a good shot of Mark and Guinnyth together for her first Father's Day.

I love how much Mark has grown since God blessed him with these kids.  He is so much more than I could have hoped for in a father.  I never doubt that he will work down to the bone to provide and give his kids just enough.  He spends time teaching them and forming amazing relationships with them.  
One day, they will realize just how blessed they are to have a dad that chooses them every day.

Happy Father's Day (a day late) to all you awesome dads!


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