How do you get your husband on board?

We eat clean at our house... 90 % of the time.  
It is a priority for me.  I have never let my kids have pop, and they only have juice on very special occasions.   For us, it is water and milk.  They snack on fresh fruit and veggies, instead of fruit snacks.  They are all small changes that we made years ago.  I absolutely do not judge those who do not choose this "lifestyle."  I totally get why it might not be appealing, but for us... it is important.

Many wives struggle to get their hubbies on board with the whole "eating clean" scenario.  The men want their chips and cookies.  They want their Pepsi and Mt. Dew.  Just so we are clear, my husband still wants all of those things.  I guess I am a little stubborn in this area.  I do the shopping... I decide what goes in the cart.  I do the cooking... I decide what gets put on the table.  I feel like I am making the best choices for us, and so I have no guilt about it.  

With that being said, we have made baby steps.  About 9 years ago I started really shopping for organic groceries.  Then, a few years ago, I began milling my own wheat.  Lately, I have been working on cutting out all processed foods and snacks.  It is more work, but the payoff should far outweigh the cost.  

Mark and I have an understanding... he is adamant about not having alcohol in our home.  Friends and family are not even welcomed to bring it. Period.  I don't argue this point- I respect it.  I am the same about the food/drink that goes into our kids' bodies.  I am passionate about taking care of our bodies.  Mark (although he doesn't always like it) respects me on this point and doesn't fuss too much. 

My biggest piece of advice is to take baby steps.  And, to explain little tidbits of information you gather with your spouse.  When I would read something that concerned me, I would bring it up with Mark, but I wouldn't make it a hot debate.  I just let him know it was on my mind. 
 He would be happy eating Doritos and drinking Dr. Pepper all day long, but he doesn't buy the groceries.  So... he's outta luck (unless it's his birthday). 



  1. I so wish I could get my gang on board. Mine would be happy with donuts and juice boxes around the clock. It really aggrivates me! I have my flaws too with what I eat, but I really feel that if my husband was more on board, I could do much better myself. Do you have a recipe for those granola bars and that pasta?? They look good!

  2. I admire your determination and your perseverance!
    Organic is too expensive for us but we try to eat fresh as much as possible.
    My husband will pretty much eat anything there is (good or bad) he's not picky.
    And that veggie pasta looks delicious! Gonna search your archives and see if I can find it :)