Tid Bits

Summer is quickly coming to a close. 
I cannot believe how fast it goes- so much faster now that I am an adult.

We spend our mornings chatting and sharing dreams we had the night before 
(most of which are stories from their little imaginations).

We get dressed and make our beds.
Ella has been showing Liam how to tidy up his bed in the mornings.
Liam has been sleeping on a toddler mattress on Ella's floor for a few weeks now.
He prefers being with her at night.  
I don't mind much.  It has worked out beautifully and has given him a sense of comfort.

We eat breakfast and brush our teeth.
The big kids usually plant themselves in our bedroom to watch something on the ipad while I finish preparing the house and myself for the day.
Guinnyth is usually sleeping, so it keeps the house quiet for a few more minutes while she rests.

In a few short weeks, we start school and our mornings will be a bit different.
We will go from our morning routine to our school routine.
Playtime will be saved for after lunch and evenings.
Sporadic morning trips to town, or to play with friends, will have to be more scheduled.

It makes me so happy to have my little crew home with me.
We get to share the little things with each other.
It sweetens my day...


When does summer end for your family?

Feature Post- Simply Boco

I am super happy to get to dote on one of my Quick Journey sponsors.


Chandler is a momma to two sweet blessings and the creative mind behind Simply Boco.
She works hard to create items for little ones that are on trend with what is "in" with baby fashion, but still giving it a unique flare.  

When Chandler sent me some items for Guinnyth, I about melted when I felt how soft the fabric was.
Not only was it soft, but the hues were right up my alley.

I cannot wait for Guinnyth to wear her knotty beanie this fall.  She also has one in the "Guinnyth" fabric to match her leggings.
I cannot say enough about the craftsmanship of these items.
I actually sent Chandler a message telling her how impressed I was with the products.
They are soft, beautiful, and impeccably made!

Simply Boco offers blankets, quilts, pants, hats, and pillows.  
You can customize colors and names for your little one.

Be sure to check out Simply Boco's new Baby Bundles for a one-stop shopping experience!


Face Time | Coconut Oil Face Wash

Lately, I have been trying something new.  
It isn't anything too big, but I have been super excited about the results.

I have fairly acne prone skin. 
It is a real problem for me.  It has been part of my life for the last ten years, 
and I have tried so many things to try and curb my breakouts.

Let me explain exactly what I have been dealing with.  
For the last ten years, I have broken out- all the time.
It doesn't really revolve around my time of the month... it is seemingly constant.
I would get rid of one blemish (or more), only to have more pop up.

They haven't been the tiny whiteheads either.
They have been the large, underground, cystic bumps.
They hurt to touch and even have "heat" to them sometimes.

I wash my face... every day- morning and night.
I am faithful, but have seen no results.
I even bought a Clarisonic spin brush that I felt was working... until I realized it wasn't working at all.

About a month ago, I read up on using Coconut Oil as a face wash.
I was sure everyone who used this method must have delightful complexions to begin with- no need to worry about breakouts.
With all my acne issues, I decided I had nothing to lose.  
I decided to try this out and see how it went.

Another reason why i love coconut oil. ::DIY coconut oil hair mask. Makes your hair soft and shiny, and treats scalp conditions!"
I am only a month into the process, but I had three weeks where I didn't have one single breakout- big or small.
That is pretty much monumental for me!  I have been so excited!
I have had a few breakouts this week which have been a result of things starting back up since being pregnant and nursing.

More positives...
My skin is so smooth and soft. 
It is organic and natural and cost effective. 

.coconut oil

I only wash with the oil at night.
I use my regular cleanser during the day so my face isn't too oily for makeup.  

I will certainly update you again in the future when I have more solid results, 
but I wanted to share with whomever might be interested.

Let me know if you have tried this method and how it worked for you!



It has been a fun week around our house.
We have started to check off several items on our summer bucket list (about time- summer's on its way out!).

Our list is simple.  Which means there is no pressure or anxious feelings that accompany it.
No demanding time schedules or big to-dos, just simple, fun experiences we want to complete before summer escapes.  


Ella loves bubbles.  She has been asking for the colored bubbles for awhile, but they were a little too expensive.  This week, we went to Target and found them on clearance.  They were pretty messy and didn't have much color, but she loved them none-the-less.

The sprinkler has been a favorite the last few weeks.  It has been so steamy by the afternoon, that the kids need water to play in so they don't overheat.  What girl doesn't want her umbrella while playing in the sprinkler?

Liam digs... all day long.  Even if he's just digging the carpet in his room- he digs.  

I redid our schoolroom this month.  My mom painted the walls and I have been busy putting on the finishing touches.  We have a partial map wall in the room.  The top is wallpapered in maps and the bottom will be a chalkboard wall.  It is going to be a fun room.

PS.  I am giving away a gallon of the ECO-friendly paint that we used in our school room. 
Enter to win some- we loved it!!

Follow along... Find me here.



Mark likes to have "dates" with the kids- one.on.one.  
It started with him taking Ella to dinner and a movie a few years ago.
Recently, we realized that the dates don't have to be quite so formal.
Maybe it's taking Ella to see Grandma's kittens and spend time pushing her on the swing.
Or, taking her to get a sno-cone at the local ice cream joint.

Last night, Liam had some alone time with daddy.
They went to the farm and replaced the battery in the tractor so Mark could mow the grass in the field.

While they were away, Ella blew some colorful bubbles (which, by the way, didn't turn out to be very colorful- just a mess).
She also played in the sprinkler with her umbrella.
The garden loves that she has an obsession with sprinkler play.

Simple life.  On a gravel road.  In small town America.


Do you have "dates" with your kids? 


We have been busy lately filling our time with summer fun.
We checked "Vacation" off our list of things to do.

We spend the early mornings and evenings outside ::sweating:: in the humid heat.
The afternoons are spent inside playing, reading, and preparing for our school to begin in a few short weeks.

Vacations are nice because I don't have to cook meals and worry about cleaning the house.
I am always ready to get back to home-cooked food and normalcy.
This time, for some reason, we have been so busy that it has been difficult to get the cooking back in full swing.
Today we spent the morning getting groceries and necessities, so hopefully our week will flow better as far as the kitchen is concerned.

I just had to throw this picture in of the yummiest toes around.
I love how he still sits on his knees to eat.
It reminds me that he is still little and I have lots of time left with my little boy.  Thankful.

I have been getting up early in the mornings to run.
My knees and ankles have been giving me a LOT of trouble. 
I have never had any issues with them before, but for some reason they hurt really bad.
Today I didn't get to run, but I still got up and walked.
Baby steps... I am hoping my joints will bounce back and I will get to run again soon.

I am in the rapid planning stages for this little one's birthday.
I want it to be fun, simple, and memorable.
This *could be* my last First birthday celebration that I plan.
We shall see...


What have you been up to this summer?  Do you have fun things you do to pass the time?

Instagram Blog Hop

Welcome to the Instagram Blog Hop! If you're new around here, the Instagram Blog Hop is a party where you link up your Instagram account, find and follow new Instagram friends, and be continually inspired by what you see in your Instagram feed! No need to have a blog, just an Instagram account!

1.  I have been running for the last few weeks.  It has been hard and no fun at all, but I know my body needs the exercise, so I am sticking with it until it feels good.
2.  I wore my hair pinned up for church.  You can't tell very well by the front, but the back was all pinned and off of my neck.  Whew!
3.  I am well aware that I married a McHottie.  Somehow... he manages to be even hotter with our precious #3 tied to his back.
4. This little man thinks yogurt and granola tastes way superior when wearing goggles.
I didn't argue.

Now, on to the hop!

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Time Away from Home

We get so excited to take time and get away.
We just got back from vacation... and the kids had so much fun.
It was Guinnyth's first plane ride and the older two were so excited.

Mark talked me into leaving my camera at home so I didn't have to tote it around.  
I loved not carrying it, but I am a little bummed with the pictures.
His iPhone takes blurry pics unless you are holding very still, so the pics on the bus were a bit blurry.

A sanity saver for us were the kids' backpacks.

I filled them with simple, but fun things for them to do:
*snacks that they usually don't get (annies fruit snacks)
*things to color and sticker
*small toys

We had a 3 hour flight both ways, so they needed something to keep them still and quiet.

My little lady bug is a noisy lil' thing. 
Ever since she started crawling, she is on the move!
I cannot keep her still, or quiet.
She screeches and squawks all the time.
Needless to say, the plane ride(s) were eventful.

We did quite a bit of walking, so Guinnyth got a lot of hold time.
Her eyes were so red because she chose to fuss instead of take her nap.
She fell asleep on daddy's back and felt much better. 

Our hotel had a dolphin and tiger/lion exhibit.
We went twice and the kids loved the dolphins!

Every morning we were out waiting in line for the pool- at 7 am.
We would grab Starbucks and wait for the pool to open.
The kids swam in the mornings and even a few evenings.   

It was so much fun and the kids had a blast.
It is always so good to be home, though.
I love the kids being in their own beds and having a routine.
Now, it is all about planning for our next school year and getting ready for someone's first birthday!


This boy...

I love this boy so much.
When he was put in my arms, I had no idea what I was in for.  
He is a passionate little one.  He has opinions and will fight until he is heard.
This can be a struggle some days, but I know God will use that spirit for good.

I thought for sure that he wouldn't care one bit about his clothes.
Since when do boys care what they are wearing?
Well, I got the boy who cares- passionately.

I never want to forget how much he loves his "farmer" pants.
He begs to put them on every morning and swears that they are clean even when there is mud caked on the knees.

I never want to forget how his face lights up when he puts on his John Deere hat.  Or how he talks in a deep voice as he pretends to be a working on the farm. 

I never want to forget how handsome he looks on Sunday mornings after he begs daddy to shave his face and gel his hair, too.  

 I never want to forget how he always has to wear pants with pockets to house his cell phone, keys, and money- just like his daddy.

I never knew how this little boy would change my life when I first laid eyes on him. 
I never want to forget the little things that make him so special.